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Baseball and Softball at the Olympics


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Hi everybody,


finally I could be able to get the official programs for the forthcoming

baseball and softball games at the Olympics in Athens.

Here it is:














Sunday 15th August

10.30 am Cuba vs. Australia

11.30 am Italy vs Japan

6.30 pm Canada vs Taiwan

7.30 pm Greece vs Holland


Monday 16th August

10.30 am Taiwan vs. Australia

11.30 am Italy vs Canada

6.30 pm Japan vs Holland

7.30 pm Cuba vs Greece


Tuesday 17th August

10.30 am Holland vs. Canada

11.30 am Taiwan vs Greece

6.30 pm Italy vs Australia

7.30 pm Cuba vs Japan


Wed 18th August

10.30 am Holland vs. Italy

11.30 am Japan vs Australia

6.30 pm Canada vs Greece

7.30 pm Taiwan vs Cuba


Friday 20th August

10.30 am Taiwan vs. Italy

11.30 am Japan vs Canada

6.30 pm Australia vs Greece

7.30 pm Holland vs Cuba


Saturday 21st August

10.30 am Japan vs. Taiwan

11.30 am Canada vs Cuba

6.30 pm Holland vs Australia

7.30 pm Italy vs Greece


Sunday 22nd August

10.30 am Holland vs. Taiwan

11.30 am Greece vs Japan

6.30 pm Italy vs Cuba

7.30 pm Australia vs Canada


Tuesday 24th August

11.30 am semifinal #1

7.30 pm semifinal #2


Wed 25th August

11.30 am final 3rd-4th place

7.30 pm final 1st-2nd place















Saturday 14th August

9.30 am Japan vs. Australia

12.00 am USA vs Italy

5.00 pm Taiwan vs Canada

7.30 pm China vs Greece


Sunday 15th August

9.30 am Japan vs. Taiwan

12.00 am China vs Italy

5.00 pm Usa vs Australia

7.30 pm Canada vs Greece


Monday 16th August

9.30 am China vs. Canada

12.00 am USA vs Japan

5.00 pm Italy vs Greece

7.30 pm Australia vs Taiwan


Tuesday 17th August

9.30 am China vs. Usa

12.00 am Canada vs Japan

5.00 pm Greece vs Taiwan

7.30 pm Italy vs Australia


Wednasday 18th August

9.30 am Taiwan vs. Italy

12.00 am China vs Australia

5.00 pm Canada vs Usa

7.30 pm Greece vs Japan


Thursday 19th August

9.30 am Taiwan vs. China

12.00 am Usa vs Greece

5.00 pm Japan vs Italy

7.30 pm Canada vs Australia


Friday 20th August

9.30 am Canada vs. Italy

12.00 am Usa vs Taiwan

5.00 pm Greece vs Australia

7.30 pm China vs Japan


Sunday 22nd August

9.30 am semifinal #1

12.00 am semifinal #2

7.30 pm final 3rd-4th place


Monday 23rd August

4.00 pm final 1st-2nd place




I will be back soon with more news about team rosters.





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its a total joke that america won gold in sydney but still had to qualify this time around


Why? Every other international tournament has moved away from awarding automatic berths to the defending champion.


The U.S. played well in qualifiers (undefeated through group stage), but were beaten in a 1-game semifinal against Mexico. I believe it was the only game Mexico won all tournament. If not for some Caribbean countries dropping out at the last minute they never would have made it through the group stage.

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tehy played like crap.



RFerry is right -- They played well.. They were the best in thier group, the problem being the set-up of Olympic qualifying.


US won each game in pool play handily, and thus drew Mexico who didn't win a single game in pool play, in the single game elimination Tourny.


Everybody knows that anything can happen in one game in baseball. The US just fell vicitm to "luck" --

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To be honest the 3 euro teams do not deserve to be all there: one would be more than enough and I cannot understand why the best country of this sport do not use their best players!!!!

Imagine what a great Olympics with Usa, Domenican Rep, Cuba, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Venezuela, Canada and all the other best teams!!!

Instead 3 spots are for 3 poor euro teams.


Well, Italy is working hard to prepare at its best for the Olympics but believe me most of the players are from Usa or country were baseball is main sport: and then they became italian.


You should know Jason Simontacchi!!

He played in the italian league in Rimini and won 2 championships: became italian (italian gradfathers!) and pitched at the Sydney Olympics.

He did great and was recalled by Mlb: a few month in the minors and then major StLoius.

He wanted to play in Athens for Italy. So Italy asked the player for the Olympics but could not get mlb approvation (insurance problems!!).

It would have been a different Italy with Jason!!


In the pre-olympics games italy won 3 times vs holland, once vs taiwan, lost 4-3 vs cuba (bs in 9th with a possible historical win!) but has only a couple of possible mlb minors value.

No italians even made majors and as far as i know only a couple could make single A in the past 3/4 years.


I will post some roster news asap




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I'm rooting for anyone who beats Cuba!!!



It seems clear that the final will be Cuba vs Japan!

I cannot see anyone else able to go to the final!

But on the other hand anything can happen in one game!!


In softball the possible final is Usa vs Australia with the italian team (most part only american speaking!) fighting for the bronze medal!

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Holland could steal a game or two from the traditional giants.


Really amazing the talent that small country has been able to send to the top European football giants and the major league organizations over the years.


Yeah, you're right, Holland is a very good team and deserve to be at the Olympics more than Italy.

They won last 2 Euro champioship, their teams won last 5/6 years European Cups (always against italian teams!) and got 5th in Atlanta '96 (7th in softball) and 5th again in Sydney 2000.

Could really have a chance to get the final-four!!

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Here is the baseball Italian roster for the Olympics



Riccardo De Santis, 24y, Grosseto (Ita), Pink Grosseto, SP

William Lucena, 23y, San Francisco (Ven), Fiume Modena, SP

Micheal Marchesano, 29y, Fort Wayne (Usa), Telemarket Rimini, SP

Antony Massimino, 25y, Brooklin (Usa), Ceci&Negri Parma, RP

Fabio Milano, 27y, Providence RI (Usa), Italeri Bologna, RP

Peter Nyari, 33y, Eire (Usa), San Marino, RP

Kasey Olemberger, 26y, Santa Rosa (Usa), Ceci&Negri Parma, RP

Sandy Padrone, 21y, S.Pedro de Marconada (Domen. Rep.), Telemarket Rimini, RP

Carlos Richetti, 21y, Villavasquez (Domenican Rep.),Elettron Anzio, RP

David Rollandini, 25y, Alexandria (Usa), Pink Grosseto, SP



Luca Bischeri, 25y, Grosseto (ita), Pink Grosseto, *C

Marcello Malagoli, 31 Modena (Ita), Fiume Modena

Vincent James Parisi, 26y, Salem (Usa), Ceci&Negri Parma



Davide Dallospedale, 27y, Piacenza (Ita), Italeri Bologna, *2B

Seth La Fera, 29y, Macomb (Usa), Ceci&Negri Parma, *SS

Claudio Liverzani, 29y, Novara (Ita), Italeri Bologna, *1B

Giuseppe Mazzanti, 21y, Nettuno (Ita), Danesi Nettuno

Giovanni Pantaleoni, 26y, Macerata (Ita), Italeri Bologna

Jairo Ramos Gizzi, 32y, La Guaira (Ven), Pink Grosseto, *DH

Igor Schiavetti, 28y, Nettuno (Ita), Danesi Nettuno, *3B



James Buccheri, 36y, Brooklin (Usa), Telemarket Rimini, *LF

Francesco Casolari, 39y, Anzio (usa), Pink Grosseto

Marco Chiarini, 23y, Rimini (Ita), Telemarket Rimini, *RF

Gabriele Ermini, 28y, Pelago (Ita), Pink Grosseto

David Francia, 29y, St.Petersburg (Usa), Pink Grosseto, CF

Daniele Frignani, 27y, Bologna (Ita), Italeri Bologna



Giampiero Faraoni, 57y, Bologna (Ita)


* probable starting lineup


The 2 italian stars are Chiarini (RF) and Rollandini (SP).


Chiarini is a rising star and has already played a season in minor (Seattle in Rookie league in 2000) but prefered to come back to europe.

He hopes to play a good Olympics so to be noticed by mlb and try again a new us adventure.

He is 23yo so maybe a bit old to become a prospect.


Different story for David Rollandini.

He's a starting pitcher and just had an incredible season!!

He never lost a single game from the very beginning of the season, including italian champ., euro cup games, italy games.

He pitched a gem last week in Holland vs. Cuba.

8IP, 3h, 1R, 2BB and left the fiel on an incredible 3-1 leading.

But Cuba rallied against the closer and won 4-3 avoiding Daving for a deserved win.

He hope to repeat Jason Simontacchi story: a great Olympics and the return in homecountry in major!!!


I will be back soon with the other rosters (if you are interested of course!).




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From 5th to 10th August in Nettuno, Italy, very close to Rome, there will be the very last friendly tournament before the Olympics with 5 of the 8 teams that will be at Athens (Italy, Cuba, Holland, Canada, Taiwan).

In the same days Japan will have some test games in Parma, north Italy, with the local team.

The FIB (italian federation baseball) hopes to hold a replay of the Olympics final in Italy just one week after the end of the tournement.

That's just one of a long series of events in program which hopefully will bring to the already announced 2005 mlb games in Rome.

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Unfortunately, Cuba will probably win unless Japan beats them in the finals :confused


Well, it's not difficult to predict Cuba vs Japan for the final but you know, anything can happen in a single game!!!

However I would love to be in a perfect baseball world where all the nations has their best players: I am sure we would enjoy a lot!!!!!!!!

I will miss Usa a lot!!!

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The fact that America didn't qualify for the Olympic baseball tournament is a joke, and an embarrassment.


most definitely... I'm pullin for Greece since most of the team is American


Yeah, you're right!

There was a story appeared on the italian newspapers saying that Greece could have some financial problems to bring their players to Athens.

That could sound funny but it's not since most of the team is from Usa.

I cannot remember how he was or still is involved but the owner of the Baltimore Orioles started to "collect" money to bring the Greek team to the Olympics.

I don't know much about the Greek roster but the italian coach thinks Greece will be the big surprise!

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Ehh, I'm rooting against Cuba


Go Everyone Else


Cuba has just lost Kendry Morales (escaped to States) and its best hitter for years, Urrutia, has physical problem and could not play at his best.

Cuban coach said the bullpen is their big problem!

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Here is the final standings of the 3 previuos baseball tournaments at the Olympics.






4) USA









3) USA








1) USA








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