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NHL lockout becomes official tomorrow @ 2:30 PM


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The NHL lockout will become official tomorrow at 2:30 PM ET, very sad news. If and when a new season gets underway, it will be at least a decade before the NHL can fully recover, it's expected that the entire 2004-05 season will be a wash and an agreement will be made in time for the 2005-06 season.


This is just f***ing pathetic, believe it or not the average NHL salary is more than the average salaries for NBA, MLB, and NFL players. Bunch of cry babies is what these players are and Gary Bettman is a complete moron for dilluting the league by approving franchises in places like TENNESSEE. How about all the commoners that work inside those NHL arenas selling hotdogs, checking tickets, etc.? The thousands of people making minimum wage that keep the NHL, it's teams, and it's areans running will all be out of work and unlike the greedy NHL players crying over millions of dollars these people will have to get new jobs just to make ends meat.



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Darn I am going miss the NHL.................................

who am i kidding no i wont!



Not many people will.


maybe on this forum. It will be missed, especially in Tampa. This is why teams fail in fan support. I bet Tampa fans would have flocked to see the defending champs play. Now that there is a lockout, I doubt there will be much support.

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Unfortunately hockey has over-expanded, and the league needs to contract in order to survive, IMO. The same thing will happen to Major League Baseball if they decide to expand to any more cities (excluding the move of the Expos to either D.C. or Virginia).


I've lost interest in hockey over the past three years, due to the awful performances of the Panthers, and the decreasing number of U.S. players in the game. Two years ago I took a look at the Panthers' roster, and none of the players on the team were born in the U.S. None.

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I, personally, am really mad about this. I am a die hard hockey fan, and it is really sad to see the NHL gone...Now i have nothing to turn to for hockey except the world cup thats only like once a year....This really sucks... :mad : :banghead



The World Cup is already over and it's not once a year, the last one was in 1996.

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