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MarlinBaseball.com's All-Time Team


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Since polls seem to be the hip thing to do nowadays...I thought itd be cool to do a baseball player oriented one - to make an all-time great team.


Im going to make these nomination threads for each postion (with closers getting a thread as well) and then when we amass a good number of candidates, We will vote on them with the winner getting immortalized in MarlinBaseball.com lore forever.


Any player, who has ever played, may be nominated, since this is an all-time team.


Please try not to nominate more than 2 or 3 on your own, as this gets everyone involved.


Cast your vote people.

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Same method...my candidates: Ernie Banks, Ripken, and Larkin.



Hits: 2583

Avg: 274

HRs: 512

Awards: 11 Time All-Star, 2 Time MVP, 1 GG



Hits: 3184

Avg: .276

HRs: 431

Awards: The Streak, Ring, 19 Time All Star, ROY, 2 GG, 2 MVP



Hits: 2340

Avg: .295

HRs: 198

Awards: 12 Time All-Star, 1 MVP, 3 GG, Ring


Im def. going with Ripken. No contest.

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