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This sounds great


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The Braves bullpen is falling apart for the second game in a row. They are now losing 10-4 in the ninth.


Welcome to a tie for first place Florida Marlins fans ! Let's hope we stay there for a good long while !




:thumbup :notworthy :thumbup :notworthy :thumbup :notworthy :thumbup




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we are in trouble.




dontrelle threw 114 pitches






pitch counts are some idiotic stat that someone came up with as an indicator of when a pitcher is done.



i prefer to judge by a pitchers stuff.



dontrelle is doing great. I love this, perhaps this is him turning the corner toward consistency.

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and for the most part their velocity, movement and placement has looked pretty sharp late in the game


these are young guys as well ... although some past injury concerns get everyone a little jumpy and past accusations of overuse - but if they look good, the pitch count is low then keep them going


the main concern is about the bullpen getting work, but it seems as if there have been enough extra inning games and non traditional situations where jack has found innings for mota and the others

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