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A suggestion about our future staff and possible..

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trades. :D


I looking ahead somewhat here, and this is my opinion ONLY


Would the Marlins trade Burnett in the middle of a race?


If the Marlins are smart they would explore moving Burnett and try to add John Patterson of the National. Here's a story back 99' before the Mantei went down Dealin Dave wanted Patterson over Penny form Arizona, but if I'm right Patterson was injuried and Dave had to take Penny instead. It turned out to be the right move, but could destiny still have Patterson become a Marlin?


I would move Burnettt and get a quality starter in return, Burnett could be move to another team, remember with 3/5 of your rotation free agents I would think the organization would look in on acquiring a starter now than in the offseason. Do you want to see 3 rookies in your rotation next season? 2 is even alot for me. I think personally Patterson has turn the corner from injury riddle career. Hey we did it once with Pavano.


The talent we have down on the farm could make such a deal happen, if you plan on NOT trading Burnett during the season. And if that's the case then you move Valdez and slide Patterson as your 5th starter well grooming him to be your 2 or 3 next season...just a thought


so the question here is move Burnett and get Patterson?


or get Patterson and get Burnett?

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So you're suggesting a rotation of Beckett-Leiter-Patterson-Willis-Moehler?


Sorry, that won't cut it -- especially with the pitching the teams competing around us have. If you want to add Patterson as a 5th starter -- fine -- but even then Moehler has done nothing to lose that position yet.


As far as next year goes -- if Burnett walks via free agency I think it's pretty safe to assume they'll sign another arm to replace him like they did with Pavano/Leiter.

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IF Burnett gave indications that he would in no way, shape, or form re-sign and IF the Marlins could get a quality package in return, I'd consider it.


Javier Vasquez, or a pitcher like him or better, would have to be in the package, though. Patterson wouldn't cut it - I'd rather take the draft picks and keep Burnett through the season and possible postseason.

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