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Bret Boone Designated for Assignment


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SEATTLE -- Three-time All-Star second baseman Bret Boone was cut by the Seattle Mariners on Sunday after a half-season of struggles at the plate.



The 12-year veteran, who has 251 homers, was designated for assignment. Seattle has 10 days to trade him or put him on waivers.


Boone, 36, is hitting with seven homers and 34 RBI. He was benched for five games two weeks ago to work on his swing with batting instructor Don Baylor. On his return, he played well during a three-game series in San Diego, but manager Mike Hargrove said recently "he has reverted back to where he was before."


Seattle is responsible for the remainder of his $8.25 million salary this year.


Shortstop Jose Lopez and outfielder Chris Snelling were recalled from Triple-A Tacoma, and infielder Dave Hansen was placed on the 15-day disabled list with an inflamed elbow.


Credit Espn.com

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*shocked*, I knew he was struggling but never in a million years thought Seattle would have the balls to cut him. Last year, if you let Yahoo pick your fantasy team, he usually showed up as a first round pick. A year later, his career's gotten this low.



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wasnt boone the one that swung and missed on a pitch in the homerun derby?


yea, it was. I remember his brother laughing at him.


That was awesome, he hit 0 homers and blamed it on Ichiro.


The funniest thing is he went up there without a bat :lol

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Anybody that thinks that Boone wasn't a juicer is blind.....

He's done.......



I agree with you. Like Bonds, and other roiders, he hit more homeruns during the latter part of his career, then when he was in his "prime."


So in that case, Hank Aaron was a roider too...

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