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Top 5: Why the Marlins will win the NL East


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Saw this on the Sporting News website:

Top 5: Why the Marlins will win the NL East

Posted: July 13, 2005


By Conor Nicholl

Sporting News



Statistical reasons the Marlins should win the NL East:


24-10 -- The Nationals' record in one-run games. Statheads contend that a measure of luck is involved in having that much success in one-run games. If that's the case, the Nationals are headed for some one-run losses and the Marlins will improve on their 10-16 mark.


3.36 -- Four Marlins starters have an ERA under 3.36, a claim no other team in baseball can make. The Fish's Fab Four: Dontrelle Willis (2.39), Brian Moehler (3.16), A.J. Burnett (3.33) and Josh Beckett (3.35).


1.42 -- The ERA of Marlins closer Todd Jones. He has not received the recognition of the Nationals' Chad Cordero, but Jones is having the kind of season a team needs from its closer in order to win a division.


.270 -- The Marlins' batting average with runners in scoring position is better than the Nationals', by 15 points.


.750 -- The Marlins' on-base plus slugging percentage is 25 points higher than the Nationals'.

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i can do one for the Rays...


Top 5 Reasons Why the Tampa Bay Devil Rays will win the AL East...


1. theyve never had a winning season which means after all this time, "they're due" as they say...so if theyre set to have a winning season, that means theyre gonna have to go on an INCREDIBLE run in the second half...


2. The Yankees are cracking overall so they wont win


3. The Red Sox got chemistry issues so theyll slip ASAP, plus theyre due for another 86 years of bad luck


4. The Orioles played their best baseball the first three months, now theyre winding down


5. The Blue Jays are always struggling and if the Rays wont take last place it has to be Toronto...besides the Jays just seem to breaking apart (gooched!...sorry Doc)


Thus...Tampa Bay Devil Rays, 2005 American League East Division Winners


...yeah baby!!! :thumbup


...good luck with whoever does Colorado...anyone want a shot at Kansas City?

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(1) 5 Players to be injured in tragic dancing accident.


(2) Andruw Jones leaves team to resume role of kid in the wheelchair on Malcolm in the Middle.


(3) Julio Franco leaves baseball to pursue a career in women's tennis.


(4) Chipper Jones not feeling too chipper.


(5) The Florida Marlins.

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