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Burnett's wife....

Oriole scOtt

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treanor's girl is better :)



Misty May is nothing special at all, if you want to talk about Marlins with hot wives, look no further than Jack McKeon's wife.


haha, just kidding. But Lo Duca holds the title of hottest wife, she's a former playboy playmate and friggen gorgeous.


If you want some useless trivia about AJ, his wife is from Maryland so i'm sure she's hoping this trade goes down.

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:mischief Can we get some links to some pics of these women :mischief


:whistle :whistle :whistle :whistle For educational purposes of course :whistle :whistle :whistle :whistle


Is why I started this thread in the first place. I'm in........ education....... myself. :shifty

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