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Your favorite Simpsons episode of all time?


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Hank Scorpio episode. Where Hank Scorpio hires homer to be the guy in charge at his Nuclear Power plant. Homer unknowingly is working for a guy that wants to take over the Earth. James Bond is killed cause of Homer and ends up owning the Denver Broncos, which he his disappointed because its not the Cowboys. There are plenty more episodes I love but this one stands out in my mind.

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I have a top 10 list written....somewhere.


Off the top of my head:


-The Hank Scorpio episode. Greatest Simpson villain ever. I loved him. I liked a lot of eps. from that season.

-Behind the Laughter. If you can get past the fact that it has nothing to do with any other episode, the jokes were all solid.

-Twisted World of Marge Simpson. The phrase "Whitey whackers" made that episode. "This....this is a black day for baseball."

-Homer at the Bat. Sports and the Simpsons is a winning combination, especially with Monty Burns at the helm.

-The Old Man and The Lisa. I love Burns-centered episodes, and this was the best. "Could you tell me where I can find the Burns-O's?"

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My top 5:


Homer at the Bat (which was the one where all the major leaguers joined the soft-ball team).

Hungry Hungry Homer (the Albuquerque Isotopes)

The Sideshow Bob episode where they go into witness protection "The Thompsons."


Burns, Baby Burns. I love Mr. Burns, I think Rodney Dangerfield's hysterical...can't ask for much more.

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The episode that starts with the Isotopes winning, then Homer and co. trashing the school. The cops blame "punk kids" and enforce a curfew on all kids (I think under 18 or something). They sneak out, watch a movie, and end up doing a radio show that exposes all of the town adult's secrets until they lift the curfew. Eventually, they have a vote and a curfew is imposed for everyone under 80 (or something like that). The vote passes by one vote, because Homer doesn't vote.

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