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Those NIKE Lebron James commercials.


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in that commercial LeBron eats his food lefty... shoots righty though..... useless fact, I know.


oh, and Michael Vick writes right-handed but throws lefty...




well you are technically supposed to eat with your left hand, at least according to proper etiquette.

lol my cousin told me that

I thought he was crazy


but it makes sense

that way if you cut with your right hadn you won't have to switch the fork from hand to hand

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I always thought the proper etiquette was to cut the food with the fork in your left hand and knife in right hand, and then put the knife down and switch the fork to your right hand and pick up the cut piece of food.


... and the particular way he was holding the fork with his left hand is uncomfortable if you aren't lefty, at least it is for me.

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Guest marlins02

ive decided Lebron in a suit is my favorite character from those commercials.


Absolutly he is the most vain. Extremly vain people are hilarious.


"i amaze myself everyday" while suit leBron looks into mirror.


yeah :lol :lol

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