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Jason Stokes


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We need a LF, and Stokes, after he came back from injury last year, showed a mean bat. Does anyone think he might be one of the candidates to land the LF job next year.


And to everyone who might bash me for this, you were probably the same people who were drooling at Willingham possibly being there, and if W-ham can play the position, so can Stokes.


Having both bats in the lineup might be a plus.

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Obviously you haven't been a fan of the team for long.


Stokes was tried in left-field because Adrian Gonzalez wasn't athletic enough to play the outfield and he (Gonzalez) was considered defensively superior at first-base. Stokes in the outfield didn't go so well, and we picked Stokes as our first-baseman of the future (great call there).


He isn't moving, I'd rather move Jacobs, and that's assuming Stokes is major league ready (which he really isn't).

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I would move Jacobs to LF or move him to RF and have Hermida play LF because I have heard that he has played some OF before. If that works out, imagine having another power hitter in the lineup fo rthe future if Stokes is ready.


C - Willingham

1B - Stokes

2B - Uggla

SS - HanRam

3B - Cabrera

LF - Hermida or Jacobs

CF - Warm Body (Prefer a leadoff man like a Gathright)

RF - Hermida or Jacobs


You got about 5 or 6 power hitters in that lineup. :drool

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Stokes is listed in the media guide as a generous 225 lbs, I would think at least 10 more is likely. He's too slow to play outfield. The fish might be better off putting Jacobs behind the plate Willy in LF and Stokes at 1b. Good thing there's 70 days left until ST for everyone on the board to figure out where everyone goes huh?

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Stokes tore it up after he came back from injury last season, I'd rather see him get a shot than Choi.


Unless your assumption is, at the mlb level, Choi is the devil we know.


And the devil I didn't really care for.


Plus Stokes has that cool porn star look happening.

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Funny, because Choi's isolated patience was much higher than Stokes' and he had a much more reduced strikeout profiency. The funnest part about these stats are that Choi did this in the majors while Stokes did it in the minors.


Choi isn't exactly God's gift to mankind, but he's a good offensive player to have especially in the lineup we'd have. If you assume Jacobs in LF, you could probably pencil in Choi batting 7th ahead of the 2B (Uggla probably) and the pitcher. That's much less weight than he had to carry in 2004 when he was supposed to replace Derrek Lee. Sprinkle in some extended playing time instead of the necessary platoon, and who knows. Might be some good stuff. When you get on base at a .336 clip despite a .253 average, just imagine when you get some consistent at bats and can put more wood on the ball. Getting on base almost 80 points higher than your average is damn sexy, sprinkle in some power and you have a pretty good 7 hitter.

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Get Choi and let him and Stokes duke it out in ST...


may the best man win


I wanna see some people win their jobs this spring

I would be cool with that.


As long as Choi won



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