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Chappelle's Show: The Lost Episodes

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Since there wasn't a thread for it in the TV Shows area and there are "new" episodes premiering tonight, I figured we'd need a discussion thread.


I'm cautiously optimistic about these "lost episodes" as Comedy Central is calling them. I don't know if they'll be as good as his Season 1 and 2 stuff but I'll watch pretty much any new Dave Chappelle material.


Comedy Central, Tonight, 9 Eastern.

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My best friend's cousin was an executive editor of the show, he got us in to see the taping of the last show(s) of season 2, so as luck would have it, we saw the last Chapelle's Show ever in person.


Anyway, he now works for MTV, but he said that what they had for season 3 was probably the funniest stuff he thought they did since the beginning of season 1.


I know I'm excited.


And, for the record, he doesn't know what happened with Chapelle either, he said they were simply all called tgether a few days before the news broke about his disappearance and told that the season would be put on hiatus and a few weeks later told that they'd be bought out and free to seek employment with other networks.

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Yeah, I like when Chappelle blackmailed Comedy Central and said if they showed any of this footage he'd never come back. About time Comedy Central nutted up since he wasn't coming back anyways.


But, he's responsible for the best moment in Def Poetry Jam's history. One of the few things of content and quality on the show I liked. A poem entitled: f*** Ashton Kucher.


f*** Ashton Kutcher

The Public Image Butcher

His shows are hip

And I can?t stand that sh*t

I don?t even know him

And I hate his guts

If he Punks me, I won?t sign the release

Cause? whenever he Punks black people

It always involves the police


He?ll be havin? all them white folks at home rollin?

?Brandy, did you know that that jewelry was stolen??

?But hey, I?m a star!?

?Well stop shining and get your ass out that car.?


Now he wouldn?t like it if me and my friends

Just before dawn

Bust in his house with some ski masks on

Put a gun in his mouth and turned on the lights

And just when he screams out, yell out



?Can you sign this release? I want to entertain people with your fear.?

You punk bitch.

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I actually like Charlie Murphy and Ashy Admin (whatever his real name is) hosting. I mean yeah, they were no Chappelle, but it's unrealistic to expect them to be nearly as good.


Yeah, the skits weren't great but they were solid. I probably enjoyed the Tupac song the most.

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The last two sketches were the best of the group (the revenge skit and the Tupac song). I was laughing pretty hard at Chappelle singing the 'new' Tupac song. Throwing the guy in the wheelchair down the stairs was great as well.


I would have liked to see Dave get back at Nick Cannon (who his son said was better than him one season).

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ya last night's episode was just bonkers........ man come on somebody post the pixie skit, i remmeber watching last night i couldnt not stop laughing........the illegal mexican lepard car seats "who da hell comes up with sh*t like this" f***ing classic

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Guest ShaqandWade323

All I have to say is:




"Whatchu talking about, bitch?"


"I wrote this song a really long time ago, a really, really long time ago"

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i found these lyrics for the the Tupac song. some lines are missing.


DJ: **** exclusive, this that new Tupac.


Listen close, as life turns it's pages,

Makaveli here kickin' rhymes for the ages.

Seen things in stages,

Wise words spoken by sages,

From SkyTel to Blackberry pagers.

Your crew don't phase us,

We'll make you bustas pay us,

Run up in your spot like C.J. from San Andreas.



I wrote this song a long time ago,

A real long time ago. Feel me!

I wrote this song a long time ago,

Was the dopest song I ever wrote... in '94.


What can a n***a do,

When half the people voted for George W.

Life's a bitch, cause George W., can't be true,

I wanna choke him, cause he's a snitch,

I'm talkin' bout George W. Smith, from city council,

He ran in '93 out in Oakland, you probabably didn't hear about him.



I wrote this song a long time ago,

A real long time ago.

Way before Slim Shady was in demand,

Way before we dropped bologna on Afghanistan.

I wrote this song in '94.


{{missisng}} am I doin' this.


Look around the club,

See everyone in the place,

Showing Pac love,

Got a smile on my face.

The girl in the miniskirt, has bad taste,

Cause that shirt don't match,

There's a pudding stain on the back.

And what the **** is that! It might be doo doo!


And you in the back you ain't ****,

You want a Gin & Tonic but you didn't even tip.

And if you hit this table one more time,

Then the record might skip... might skip.

I told you, stop hittin' the table.


Tupac Shakur,

I wrote this rhyme in 1994.

I'm not alive!

Thug Life!

Dave Chappelle, that ain't your wife.

{{missisng}} ... Go Home!



I wrote this song a long time ago,

A real long time ago.

Way before {{missisng}},

Way before Dave Chappelle had two kids.

Don't give him no coochie.


DJ: Tupac rest in peace.


Ok, I will.

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