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im not a bandwagon. i have watched thm since Day 1!!! :D



I'm not a bandwagoner either and neither are hundreds of these people! im not talkin bout the people writing in the forums. im talkin about the people who just startin payin attention to the marlins because they are doing good.

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Personally the best seats in Cookie Cutter stadiums are nose bleeds right behind home plate. You may have to deal with THe Obnoxious Frat Boys but for some reason I love those seats and Cookie Cutters are all the same so it's probably similar.

PPS is not a cookie-cutter. It is not round, but square. The sightlines are clear, but the seats are postured towards the football 50 yard line not the mound or home plate like in a real ballpark.


Any seat in the house as long as it isn't too far like upper deck in the outfield is good. Up there you might need a radio and binoculars if you have poor vision. But in the lower deck you can see everything from everywhere. The upperdeck inside the foul pouls are fine too. Outside the foul pouls is where you start getting into vision problems in the upper deck.


The Jumbotrons are at the endzones so that means for baseball there is a Jumbotron down the third base line and behind right field. They relay all the info you would ever want to know (they used to do balks) on those and the Sony screens give you replays on both sides.



Seating chart for 36,000 person baseball crowd

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