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MLB Hometown Heroes


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Anyone else voted on the MLB site for each teams hometown hero? Its kind of a joke to have players from the Diamondbacks, D-Rays and even the Marlins and Rockies on there too. I mean yes these teams have played for a little while but when you have five players from each of these teams on there and Andre Dawson doesn't get mentioned for the Nats/Expos it really sucks. I wrote in Dawson at least you can do that.

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For anyone who doesnt know, MLB.com is letting fans vote for one player on each club whose the best player all time for that club. The winners will be unveiled in late september.


Here are my problems: First of all the nominees for the marlins are skewed and important pieces are missing. Second, no write in is going to win so if not nominated that player isnt going to win.

Third, it lets fans vote as many times as they want, so it cheapens this whole thing the same way that the allstart game is cheapened by the unlimited voting. So this whole thing for me really just sucks. I'd love to see who the real winners were, if you can only vote once

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they should have limited it to the original 16 teams


To kind of prove your point:



Yogi Berra

Joe DiMaggio

Lou Gehrig

Mickey Mantle

Babe Ruth



Gary Carter

Livan Hernandez

Brian Schneider

Rusty Staub

Jose Vidro


Just looks funny to me. Incidentally, I wrote in *Costanza!

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