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There is nothing remotely redeeming about this thread.


An unsuccessful attempt at humor that lacks all of humor's key ingredients. Not that I am a master chef in the funny kitchen- but I know this thread sucks and should be thrown into the message board's trash bin.


Either that or it should be moved to the "locker room" section where bad jokes belong.


Threads like this make the Girardi hating crowd seem like geniuses. I'd rather watch Police Academy 5 every day for the next 3 years than spend one more minute anywhere near this foolishness.


What a pointless thread this is... It is empty space. Someone please get rid of it.


:banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead



This thread is as redeeming if not more than a number of the perpetual second guess crowd's threads bashing Girardi. Maybe this should be a new postgame tradition. I mean, if threads (not all, some are somewhat warranted) are created to bash Girardi after every loss and totally ignore blunders on the field we might as well start threads that totally ignore great play and praise Girardi for all of the team's wins. Hey, if we keep winning we can keep starting these threads for luck's sake and you can do your dance in a Marlins mermaid outfit once we clinch the Wild Card. :lol

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