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D-train + for Garland? WTF?


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Inside The Sox


Garland ready for 'whatever'


Friday, September 22, 2006


By Nathaniel Whalen

Staff writerJon Garland doesn't expect to be traded, but the White Sox pitcher wouldn't be surprised if a deal happened, either.


It's considered a foregone conclusion the Sox will move one of their starting five during the offseason to make room for Brandon McCarthy in the 2007 rotation.


Though Garland has been the Sox's most consistent pitcher this year ? he's 17-6 with a 4.37 ERA ? and is just 26 years old, the right-hander isn't taking anything for granted.


"This year they might not even think about it, might not even talk about it, and 'boom,' I'm the guy that's gone," Garland said. "Whatever happens, happens ...


"You never know. You never know. It's a business. You never know what's going to happen. Sometimes you think you're not going to go anywhere and you do; sometimes you think you're going to and you don't. You never know.


"If anything happens in the offseason with me, that's a move they feel they have to make. If it somebody else, it's a move they feel they need to make."


Since he made his big-league debut with the Sox in 2000, Garland's name has come up in trade rumors nearly every year, whether it be during the offseason or near the trade deadline.


The fact he's probably the favorite of the five to stay in the rotation ? considering his age, his 35-16 combined record the last two seasons and the three-year contract he signed last offseason, which calls for him to get $10 million in 2007 and $12 million in '08 ? even with all of that, Garland is expecting the unexpected.


"There's always rumors, big rumors, like, 'You're the guy,' and all of a sudden it's someone people aren't even talking about," Garland said. "I think every offseason, every year I've been with the White Sox, there have been trade rumors with me.


"Every offseason I've been rumored to go somewhere, and the one year (before the 2002 season) I was even traded (to the Angels). Then it got turned down (by the Angels)."


The proposed deal in 2002 had Garland going to the Angels for Darin Erstad, but the Angels backed out at the last minute.


Garland has been traded once. He went from the Cubs to the Sox on July 29, 1998, for pitcher Matt Karchner.


It might take something along the lines of a Dontrelle Willis ? thought to be a Sox favorite ? or another young quality pitcher for the Sox to consider dealing Garland, but Garland is aware anything can happen.


"It's a business," Garland said. "It's run like a business for the most part, and when a move needs to be make, whether they want to keep you or not, if that's what it's going to cost them, they'll do it."




Why in the world would we trade Dontrelle Willis for Jon Garland?


Willis is better, younger, cheaper, and a lefty. Plus he has more marketability, and they want another pitching prospect too??


This guy is very strange

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A) it obviously doesn't make sense

B) i think you misread it.



In the beginning of the article it says, the reason to trade a Jon Garland is to make room for Brandon McCarthy.


Obviously bringing in Dontrelle does not accomplish that.



Secondly, it says someone like a Dontrelle OR another quality player, not AND another.

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First of all, this can't happen because Garland can't even be traded until next season, and his contract wouldn't work with you guys anyways. But we'd be stupid to make this deal. I'm not saying Garland is a better pitcher than Willis, but I am saying that Willis, in our league and our ballpark, could not put up numbers as good as Garland has for us the last 2 years. I wouldn't make this deal straight up as a Sox fan.


Just for clarification, Jon Garland has 36 wins and a 3.78 ERA the last 2 years. I don't think D Train could do that in our league and our park, no disrespect to him.

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which calls for him to get $10 million in 2007 and $12 million in '08 ? even with all of that, Garland is expecting the unexpected.


that right here lets me kno it will never happen. his contract is just way too high to begin with.


Not always a problem, you can get Chicago to pick up a lot of the payroll probably. They have a lot of money.

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I heard another rumor, Dontrelle and Hanley to the Dodgers for Darren Dreifort and Eric Gagne.


you're kidding ,right? Uh, yeah. Darren Dreifort made $13.4 million in 2005 and didn't make a single pitch, Gagne made $10 million this year and pitched something like 15 innings (he's got a club option for $12 million for 2007, LMAO).


It was a joke. Two young budding superstars for two of the biggest post contract busts in history. A joke.

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