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Marlins 2007 Phrase...


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The Mets used that in '05. Boo unoriginality.


Man after thinking it over, your right! At first I liked it but now it sucks! I think I'll take Get Hooked again since the Mets used it.. :thumbdown Maybe that's just the offseason slogan to get people into season ticket plans


It should be "you gotta be here... or Tommy Hutton will kick your ass!!!!"


:notworthy :notworthy :lol

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The Marlins need to fire whoever is incharge of their marketing department........


2005: Get Hooked

2006: Get Hooked Up

2007: You Gotta Be Here


I hope they didn't pay a lot of money for this.... :lol


:lol I really have no problem with the first year of "Get Hooked" I thought it was pretty cool but when you have to use it a second year because you cant think of anything it sucks! Now "you gotta be here" come on! Someone can do better than this!

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