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Best Video Game System and Game?


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I'd have to say the best system was the Super Nintendo because it had such a fantastic library. Still, I'd have to say the best game is Super Mario Bros. 3. Everything about it is so perfect. Although an extremely close runner up would be Ms. Pac-Man (assuming you find the right version). If you ever see a Class of 81 Arcade machine with Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga, play it. It's probably my favorite version out there. If you ever see a version of Ms. Pac-Man with hearts instead of pellets, stay the hell away from it. It sucks.

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The Super Nintendo of course. I remember all the good times I had with that system. Mario RPG, Lufia 2, Separation Anxiety, Maximum Carnage, GOOD TIMES.


I'd have to say my favorite game was Mario RPG.

Mario RPG legend of the Seven Stars? Im playing that right now! Game kicks ass.



My favorite games would be in this order


Super Mario world

Yoshi's island

Donkey Kong Country

MArio rpg


The Sonic the Hedge Hog for Sega


Nostalgia gotta love it....

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Nintendo and Super Tecmo Bowl.....






we would have all night tourneys with that game when i was a young lass.




Best system: original Nintendo.


The Sega Genesis actually gave the Super Nintendo a ride for its money and a lot of people put the Genesis equal if not better than the Super Nintendo.


Its just that the followup system for Sega was trash, utter, pure 100% trash.



Best game: There are many, but as far as I'm concerned, the most difficult games were always on the original Nintendo.

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I don't get the Ocarina of Time, thing.


I've owned that game on both platforms and I think I hate it. It's boring. The characters are blocky (my main complaint of most of the N64 library at that time) and it just wasn't fun. Everytime I got a new weapon I would be like, "I can't wait! Variety! Finally! A bow!" Then it got old. I got the hookshot, weakest thing in the game. Etc., etc.


And, my main complaint with the series, it's the same Zelda story as the first game. Get some variety, man. You can't come up with SOMETHING new?


Just my opinion. I consider the 2nd Zelda or the Super Nintendo one much better than Ocarina of Time.

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