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NFL Football Week 17 Discussion


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If the Giants lose this game, Coughlin has to be gone. Jason Campbell has been unbelievable in the second half. 34-28 Giants with 2:26 to go. And the Giants have to give the ball back to the Skins. This is going to be good.


Gibril Wilson just saved the game for the Giants. Redskins turn it over. It's all but over now.

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losman to evans cuts the ravens lead to 9-7


if nothing else this season has proved that losman is a guy who you can go forward with as the qb of the future. after the bye week this year he's been a pretty damn good quarterback.


edit: of course within minutes of this post losman proceeds to revert to 2005 j.p. losman and serves up a pick 6 to chris mcallister

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Guest FishFanInPA

it's time for playoff football everyone!!!


i'm relaxing because both of my teams have next week off. i'm hoping the giants win so saints get a saturday game.


Not happenin.....

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