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Britney shaves her head (PICS); checks in and out of rehab


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There are rumors she got raped. Gosh, I pray for her. She's going through so much right now. She needs help. :(


Here's something her manager supposedly released.


On Britney's latest hair cut "Britney has been through a tragic thing that hopefully will never happen again, shaving her hair was a sort of therapeutic thing for Britney.


Admin also goes on to speak about Britney seeking help "Britney knows that she needs help and is already going through counselling, she knows what needs to be done and is slowly re-building herself step by step".


"from a email enclosed from Reindeer entertainment"


Credit: In Control News Blog

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man what has happened to her...... she was so hot once.......


she is headed the wrong way.......


she's not gonna last long......





yeah like you said, she's definitely "headed" the wrong way.







Does anyone else find these photos highly bizarre? Its obvious Britney and her people wanted these photos to get taken but I feel like I just watched someone do something really really private.




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She has been wearing the Star of David since she started dating Isaac Cohen. They just recently broke up though, so I am not sure. Maybe she's converting? I don't know.


Anyways, rumors are swirling that she got raped here in Miami. She was all alone without security and whatnot. It was just her and the kids. Supposedly, she did get out without the kids to go shopping and a night out (of course she had someone watch over the kids when she went out). But, take all that with a grain of salt. Nothing is official, of course. But like I posted, her manager released that statement. It is known that she has had a lot of issues with low self esteem, the divorce, and who knows what else.


I just hope she gets back on track. I am dying to see her kick some ass with some new music (which is currently in the works). She just needs to get better and get to her old self. She's a beautiful woman and has two precious babies to take care of. She can do better.

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Guest marlins02

the bitch lost her mind, well whatever she had left


isnt getting tattooed (which she went on to get after the haircut) strictly forbidden by Judaism?


about it not being news, it was on the rundown for the midafternoon news break today but the producer took it off saying that sh*t aint news. :notworthy

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