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Game 2 vs Nats Lineups


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What happened to Owens?


Right shoulder rotator cuff tendinitis


Any word on who will be closing? I think Lindstrom should close. Any ideas?


It appears as if it will be Julios job to lose sooner than later, no matter how good the person who bridges the gap from Owens to who comes after him is. In fact, it will probably be Julio right off the bat.

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WTF? What is the point of stealing 3rd there?


WTF? What is the point of stealing 3rd there?

To get to third with 1 out?


Besides, when the tag and the foot on the bag arrive at the same time, the runner is safe. Poor call.


YEa but with a good RBI guy at the plate and a fast runner like Hanley on 2nd he will probably score on any hit. Ohh well, I don't like the gamble there even if he is safe. However, if he was safe that would have been a Sac Fly for Hammer.

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Did you know John Gall playing at KBO(Korea Baseball Organization) in 2006?


Gall get a contract as a mercenary for one team on KBO.


Look at the his numbers


43 games, 26 for 107, .243avg, .299slg

10 runs, 10 rbis

ZERO homerun



Just remember it, his contract for mercenary.

So, some Korean guys have known as Gall was "no homer baseball mercenary".

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