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Dolphins Finally Acquire Trent Green from KC


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After almost three months of trade negotiations, Kansas City quarterback Trent Green is now reportedly set to become a member of the Dolphins.


Green was traded today to the Dolphins for a 2008 fifth-round draft pick that could become a fourth-rounder if he hits playtime incentives, according to FOXSports.com. The deal will allow Green to participate in this weekend's Dolphins minicamp that begins Friday at team headquarters in Davie.


Green still must pass a Dolphins physical, which is considered a formality despite his having suffered a major concussion in the 2006 season-opener.


Green, who turns 37 in July, was one of the AFC's top quarterbacks this decade before suffering the concussion against Cincinnati. Green missed eight games and struggled upon his return, finishing ith his lowest quarterback rating (74.1) since joining the Chiefs in 2001. Green, though, still led Kansas City into the playoffs as a wildcard.


Set to enter the 2007 season with projected starter Brodie Croyle and Damon Huard as its top two quarterbacks, Kansas City allowed Green to seek a trade in March. Green agreed on a restructured contract with the Dolphins, where he has a history playing elsewhere under new head coach Cam Cameron and quarterbacks coach Terry Shea, and blocked trades to other teams by refusing to renegotiate a scheduled 2007 base salary of $7.2 million. But Chiefs President/General Manager Carl Peterson refused to trade Green until receiving what he felt was fair compensation from the Dolphins, which initially offered a seventh-round draft pick.


Green is expected to enter the 2007 season as Miami's starter, with Cleo Lemon serving as the backup and 2006 second-round pick John Beck as the third-stringer. The Dolphins are hoping that Green serves as a mentor to Beck, who is projected as Miami's long-term starter after the franchise passed on Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn in the first round of April's draft.


The Green acquisition also is expected to lead to the ultimate departure of Daunte Culpepper, who hadn't gained full medical clearance for earlier offseason drills while recovering from a second surgery on his right knee. Culpepper was expected to gain clearance to participate in this weekend's minicamp, but it's unknown whether the Dolphins would want him to practice if he doesn't fit into their long-term plans. If he were re-injured, the Dolphins would potentially be on the hook for Culpepper's $5.5 million base salary for 2007.


Green began his NFL career as a 1994 eighth-round draft choice by Washington, where Cameron was serving as offensive coordinator. After a solid 1998 season with the Redskins, Green was signed to a free-agent contract to start in St. Louis. But Green suffered a major injury during the 1999 preseason, paving the way for Kurt Warner to become a starter and lead the Rams to victory in Super Bowl XXXIV.


Green was a Rams backup in 2000 before being traded during the 2001 offseason to Kansas City, where he was reunited with St. Louis coach Dick Vermeil. During 88 starts with the Chiefs, Green completed 61.9 percent of his passes (1,770 of 2,777) for 21,459 yards with 118 touchdowns and 85 interceptions.




Bout damn time.

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I'm glad we finally got him, but we shouldn't have given in like that.


I wouldnt say we gave in...they wanted a 2nd


Phins offered a 6


Went up to a 5th


no biggie...I don't think he plays 11 games or whatever so it works+


I dont think they were 100% serious about a 2nd. Peterson kept saying that because thats what the dolphins got for Welker. No team in the nfl trades a 2nd rounder for a 37 year old.


Green put up some very good numbers 02-05 in KC. However those teams had the best oline in the NFL, top 3 rb's (in holmes and LJ) and a top 2 TE. KC also had terrible defenses, so they were always in shootouts, thus the high stats. The dolphins wont be able to protect him as well as he was in KC. So it will be interesting to see how he does.

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I really wonder why you do this when Culpepper's given a clean bill of health.


Either Green's released, or you just play it out. Stupid, stupid trade.


It would look terrible if they end up starting culpepper. I think he will get released in the next few weeks. You really cant keep a 5.5 million dollar injured qb.

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I really wonder why you do this when Culpepper's given a clean bill of health.


Either Green's released, or you just play it out. Stupid, stupid trade.


It would look terrible if they end up starting culpepper. I think he will get released in the next few weeks. You really cant keep a 5.5 million dollar injured qb.

The only question right now relevant to Culpepper is where will he end up signing?

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dolphins still stink


No, Trent Green changes everything.


When you say Miami, you're talking SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Theyre in the air, theyre on the ground, theyre always in control... :lol


I love the dolphins but I really hate that f*cking song.


That song is awesome, man.

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I really wonder why you do this when Culpepper's given a clean bill of health.


Either Green's released, or you just play it out. Stupid, stupid trade.


It would look terrible if they end up starting culpepper. I think he will get released in the next few weeks. You really cant keep a 5.5 million dollar injured qb.

The only question right now relevant to Culpepper is where will he end up signing?


Atlanta maybe? His best bet would be to sign a one year deal somewhere to prove he is healthy. He could just wait until a qb gets hurt in the preseason then sign then.

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I'm only posting this to rain on your parade





The Miami Dolphins finally got their guy.


That's too bad for them.


After months and months of trying to get the Kansas City Chiefs to trade quarterback Trent Green, the Dolphins pulled it off Tuesday night when they acquired him for a fifth-round pick that reportedly can become a fourth-round pick based on play-time incentives.


Most analysts think this is a good move for the Dolphins.


I don't.


Why? Let's start with Green's age. He turns 37 next month. And it's an old 37 if you take into account the major knee injury he had in 1999 when he was with the St. Louis Rams.


Not only that, Green's skills aren't what they were a few years back. Look at the numbers. In 2006, he was limited to eight games because of a serious head injury that he suffered in the first game of the season. He returned to start the final seven games, plus the playoff loss to the Colts, and he clearly wasn't the same quarterback he was in previous seasons.


In his last seven starts, Green had one game with a passer rating over 100. In the other six, he had one that was over 70 and the rest were in the 60s and 50s.


In those seven games, he threw seven touchdown passes and nine interceptions. He was sacked 21 times in the seven games and threw for over 200 yards just once.

And let's not even get started on the playoff loss to the Indianapolis Colts.


In that game, he looked like a gun-shy passer who wanted no part of sitting in the pocket and waiting to make throws.


He looked old.


He looked fragile.


He looked his age.


Green was 14 of 24 for 107 yards and two interceptions that day. His passer rating was 48.4 and he was sacked four times.


I remember sitting in the press box that day almost feeling sorry for Green. Watching him, it was clear the Chiefs had no chance with him to make anything happen.


Dolphins coach Cam Cameron worked with Green when they were together with the Washington Redskins in the mid-1990s. Cameron has to think getting a quarterback who knows his system is important. But he also has to know that age is now an issue.


Wouldn?t the Dolphins be better off with Daunte Culpepper? I say yes.


He's working his way back from a knee injury, and it appears he's close, so why not just keep him and let him start. If he fails, then you play second-round pick John Beck, the long-term answer.


Getting Green just is a stop-gap measure, one that doesn't make a lot of sense. This isn't the same Trent Green of a few years ago.

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the colts defense played out of control in the playoffs though...they made every qb look bad...so thats a bad example...plus cam cameron had the offensive resume to at least say, hey, this is a move worth making and it makes our football a better team, welcome to miami trent...i hope you show beck the ropes and play well yourself

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If Green is healthy he is a top quality QB in the NFL that knows the system very well. He would be a good teacher for Beck whom is very like him in style and abilities.


Here is clayton's write up:




Dolphins decided to pay price to get QB Green



By John Clayton




Updated: June 5, 2007, 10:02 PM ET


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In order to see this media, please download Macromedia Flash Player 8


The price for Trent Green was more than the Miami Dolphins were willing to pay, but in the end, Miami felt desperate. June had arrived and time to prepare for training camp was slipping away.


Despite the likely cost of a fourth-round pick to the Kansas City Chiefs, the Dolphins came out winners Tuesday with their trade for Green, who will replace Daunte Culpepper as the team's offensive leader. Miami wins because Green gives the Dolphins a chance to become an offense that could score at least 20 points a game.


For a team to be a playoff contender, it needs to score at least that many points. Even though the Dolphins annually change quarterbacks, they haven't had a 20-point offense since 2002 when they finished 9-7. Despite making trades for Culpepper, A.J. Feeley and others, the Dolphins offense has been mired in mediocrity.


After taking John Beck in the draft, the Dolphins believe their days of trading for quarterbacks will end with the Green deal. In the eyes of coach Cam Cameron and general manager Randy Mueller, Beck is the quarterback of the future, so they had to settle on the quarterback of the present.


Trent Green


Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images


Trent Green is taking his act to Miami.


Green, with his quick release and strong leadership, was a better fit for the offense than Culpepper, whose style is the opposite. Culpepper is a big quarterback with a slower release even though he has a big-time arm.


That worked for Nick Saban, but he's gone. Cameron is in charge and Green was the player he wanted, until Beck develops.


Mueller and Cameron came into the office Tuesday and decided the stalled trade talks with the Chiefs for Green had gone on long enough. Chiefs president Carl Peterson wanted a fourth-round pick. The Dolphins were offering a sixth that would upgrade to a No. 5. Each day, Green would plead with Peterson to allow him and his family to move to the team of his choice, the Dolphins.


With two weeks remaining in the offseason program and a minicamp ahead for the weekend, Mueller and Cameron decided on Tuesday to up the offer. If Green plays 70 percent of the offensive snaps, Peterson would get his No. 4. The Dolphins expect to pay it because they acquired a quarterback who knows Cameron's system from their days together in Washington. Green will become the leader of the offense.


Green's acquisition means Culpepper's stay with the Dolphins could end quickly. Once Green passes a physical, he is expected to sign a three-year contract worth between $4 million and $5 million a year. Unless Culpepper takes a major pay cut from his $5.6 million salary, he's not going to get the chance to compete against Green. In all likelihood, Culpepper will be shopped, and if the Dolphins can't make a quick deal, he will probably be released.


For Culpepper, the timing of the Green trade was strange because he's coming off a very good day. He visited Dr. James Andrews on Monday for an examination of the knee that required reconstructive surgery in 2005 and another procedure the following season. A thorough exam of the knee gave him clearance to practice. Culpepper prepared to go to the Dolphins facility on Wednesday with the idea of practicing. Now, he may be on the way out.


Green turns 37 this season, but the Dolphins believe he's good enough to carry the offense for at least two seasons. The Dolphins passed on taking Brady Quinn in the first round because they wanted to get Ted Ginn Jr.'s quickness into the offense and hoped to get lucky and grab Beck in the second round. Cameron and Mueller look at Beck as being a younger version of Kurt Warner.


The Chiefs will let Damon Huard and Brodie Croyle battle for the starting job while Peterson can put the Dolphins fourth-round choice into the franchise's plan of trying to create a younger roster in the years ahead. The Chiefs are starting to rebuild. The Dolphins hope Green gives them enough on offense to compete against the Patriots and Jets for a playoff berth.






He has a year and a half starting in him to 2 years most left. Gives you time to develope and work with Beck. He does make the offensive instantly a legit threat though as well as he manages a good game.

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