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Positive things bright spots


1. Pudge is "Mr.Clutch" hitting when it counts.

2. Pierre can HIT away from coors. fun to watch and the boy can fly

3. Redman is a "real pitcher" not a thrower (are you paying attention Penny)

4. Bullpen was outstanding in the first game. Almanza and V.Nunez pitch well. Almanza must have been saving himself because he really su@ked in spring training.


Negative things the dark side


1.Castillo better get those off field problem out of his mind. IMO, he is worried about being trade or where he'll be playing in the future.


2.DLee another slow start. I wonder if these guy has the attitude(mental strong) it takes to bat in that #4 hole.He's the opposite of Pudge, he hits when it doesn't count.


3.Hollandsworth has real looked bad. I think the club made a huge mistake signing this guy to a guarantee contract because it effected the team not being able to keep Al Martin. If the position would have been open going into spring training Al Martin would be the starting LF and Hollandsworth probable would NOT be on this team.


4.Pudge handling the pitching staff has been in question. I'll take a wait and see


5. Alex Gonzalez I think half the SS in the minors could hit better than this guy. What I don't understand is that "if" Miguel Cabrera is your future. Why don't you play at SS to get him a bats in ML? anything is better than Alex Gonzalez


6. Pavano and Beckett got screwed. The Umps really squeezed this guys. It makes you wonder :angry Has anybody wonder why the Expos will be in these race longer than they are suppose to hmmmmm $$$ conspiracy? maybe or just a ump with a grudge. remember going into opening day we owned Millwood and Wolf but really struggled against Padilla go figure.

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1. Agreed. He's all that was advertised offensively. And he gunned down someone in the 2nd game (Rollins maybe) where the throw was so quick and hard and accurate it was ridiculous.


2. Yeah, Pierre's doing the things Castillo should be doing.


3. Guys who throw in the 80s kinda HAVE to be "pitchers" instead of throwers. Redman looked awesome out there though, hope there is more of that to come.


4. For the most part I agree. Nunez got them out of a jam in tonight's game too. Spooneybarger hasn't looked good yet.


Bad things:


1. I don't know what's wrong with Castillo, he looks like he's trying to muscle pitches instead of just making good contact and slapping them through the infield. Even the triple he hit the other day was not a typical Louis Castillo swing.


2. If Lee keeps this up he's on his way toward another big strikeout year. One thing that helps balance that out a little though is that he's good at taking a walk too.


3. He hasn't been getting hits, but it seems like Todd's been hitting the ball pretty well sometimes, it's just been right at people.


4. He didn't look very good with Beckett, but Redman did. I think things will improve over time.


5. After the homer today, I'll give Alex a pass for now....


6. They did get hurt by some calls definately. When Lieberthal got that big hit off Pavano the other night, there was a pitch that should've been called a strike. Instead it became a 3-1 count and Pavano was forced to throw a strike, and...well you know what happened next...

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Yea I love how Pudge hits in this stadium! He has so much Gap Power and is driving in lots of runs!


Pierre is also doing great for us. I though he was going to be a big issues away from Coors but he is hitting and flying all over the place.I hope we play like we did today in every game... :D

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2.DLee another slow start. I wonder if these guy has the attitude(mental strong) it takes to bat in that #4 hole.He's the opposite of Pudge, he hits when it doesn't count.




what u mean when it doesnt count?? Hit always count... no matter what the score is it ALWAYS COUNTS..

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befor you guys start running your mouth about d. lee. i know he's only had 1 hit in 3 games. but he has played tremendous defense, the balls that have gotten passed him were horrible throws. and he scooped a bad thrown ball today.


although he didnt get a hit today. he got on base twice today. he got hit by a pitch and took a walk. he got on base twice today scored a run and only struckout once.


last year he would've strck out 3-4 timesalready by this year.


andi know he's only hitting .143 but who gives a s***.


and he playes 162 games for you every f***in year. so just stop talkin s*** already. if you wanna give someone some s*** talk about castillo.


beckett is gonna bounce back, and pavano will be mediocore.


and redman showed us a great start today


lee is gonna show you soon

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if i were not a marlin fan i wouldnt be here......





the marlins are my favorite team...



but they piss me off.




there is no reason this franchise should not be drawing 25,000 + every night.....

there is no reason this franchise should not be considered a title contender every year...



yeah i know...the dismantling occured...blah blah blah...



miami is not a small market.



thats bulls***...every time i hear people whine about the marlins playing in a small market.






maybe i am spoiled by a certain other team i follow, considered by many to be one of the top 5 organizations in terms of class in all of professional sports, putting on the floor a team that will win every year in a small market.



but yes i am a marlin fan, have been since before day 1.



I want the teal back, the loss of teal has been sickening.



I am a baseball fan above a Marlin fan. I want to see quality baseball played in all aspects.



and ps..


I also like the Cardinals and Astros.....and other teams from time to time.

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ALright people its only been 3 games give D.Lee and TH a chance..

yes give them a chance! Watch i have a very funny feeling Lee is ganna go 3-4 with 1 HR and 3 singles tomorrow vs the Braves hmmm


3-4 with 1 hr and 3 singles?


1 hr + 3 singles= 4 total hits


ahem..... :mischief

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this is all i am going to say....




i will try to watch at least 3 out of 4 against the braves...since they are on tbs...




this team better not piss me off.




(wins or losses dont matter, wins would be nice....but i dont want to see crap; if they lose by giving their best...thats fine)

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there is no reason this franchise should not be drawing 25,000 + every night.....

there is no reason this franchise should not be considered a title contender every year...

It's a crappy sports town. I know you don't live down here but that's the plain truth. Except for Dolphins games, no sports team down here can get consistent good crowds. The only thing that has shown to bring out the fans is winning. When the Miami Hurricanes are competing for championships, they sell out. Otherwise people only show up for the big games. When the Miami Heat are playoff contenders they get good crowds, otherwise it's a ghost town in that arena. When the Florida Panthers were winning you couldn't find tickets anywhere. The Marlins got 3 million in attendance their World Series year.


The only cure down here is winning.

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First - some 411 on Pudge from a lifelong AL fan:


Pudge is a fantastic O player, as all of you know. He also has a cannon attached to his neck and I pity the fool who tries to steal on him - hell he'll even pick you off at 1st if your lead is too big and you are lollygagging. HOWEVER - the knock on Pudge has ALWAYS been that he is clueless when it comes to handling his pitchers. He is also pretty poor when it comes to calling a game. Some attributed this aspect to poor pitching in Texas, but I think the Marlins will expose this weakness in Pudge's game for what it is.


Now - fair weather fans.


Let's face it, Florida and Atlanta are geared [no pun intended] for NASCAR far more than baseball or football. Shoot, who can blame you. If *I* lived in Florida, I'd be spending my time in South Beach checking out the hotties rather than wasting my time sweating my cajonies off with a bunch of drunks at a baseball stadium! :cool


Case in point, Atlanta couldn't draw a straw until they started winning titles. Check it out:


Braves Attendance:

1990 - 980,129 - record: 65-97 - 12th out of 12 teams in attendance

1992 - 3,077,400 - record: 98-64 Division Champs - 1st out of 12 teams in attendance


Where did 2,097,271 fans come from in the span of 2 years? That's an increase in attendance of 314%!! You don't see that kind of nonsense in "baseball towns," like Boston, Chicago, and NY. When the snow and ice are finally gone, we'll use ANY excuse to get a gang together, cook up some flesh, and imbibe alcohol in a ritualistic manor befitting a celebratory festival honoring the gods of summer.


Case in point, the Yanks consistently draw 1.75 million to 3 million fans each year. These numbers are despite having another MLB team, a short train ride away, competing for their fan base.


Yanks attendance:

1990 - 2,006,436 - record: 67-95 - 4th consecutive non-competitive season

1996 - 2,250,877 - record: 92-70 - WS Champs


Personally? I'd rather take my chances wearing a Red Sox jersey amongst the "Bleacher Creatures" in the Bronx on a dare than risk my life swimming in the hiv needle infused waters of the Jersey shore...


So, as you can see, it's really a simple matter of mathematics and limited options: Cold Weather fans are better than Warm Weather fans b/c Warm Weather fans will ALWAYS be Fair Weather fans... :mischief2

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how come yesterday when a pitcher throws a good game with Pudge catching, no one says "he called a good game"?.....


Im not saying he is a great game caller but dont just pick on him when we lose or when a pitcher gets rocked

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by the way, this town does support sports. but let's realize something. we've had only 1 winning season in 10 years, you can't expect good attendance like that. the teams that bring people to the staium, even when losing, are teams that have been around a long time and have a long tradition and a huge fan base. that is not the case with the marlins. i also feel that one problem with the team is marketing, they are terrible at it. they've alwasy been. they try to catter to the broward fans, who are usually long time dolphin fans and are mostly into football, then complain about how this is a football and not a baseball town, but they don't look down south to miami dade where the people are more into baseball than football. the hispanic community in dade, mostly cubans, dominicans and nicaraguans, comes from countries with a rich baseball tradition and they like to follow the sport. they just ask for one thing, quality product. i think if the team moved closer to that fan base it would work out. also, the attendance for this team in its first few years up until 1997 was never bad, it wasn't a great attendance, but it wasn't terrible as it is now. any, that's my opinion.

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i don't think is about winning ramp. you just have to build a tradition. i don't think there's one town in the world that supports losing sports teams. i'm sure if 8 out of 10 seasons are hopefull and at least decent you'll have support, but when you dismantled a winning team and have only 1 winning season in 10 years and not much hope any time, people won't support you.

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