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2008 Unis

Guest iFesta Touch

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Guest iFesta Touch

This is the time of the year where teams unveil new unis. We have already seen the Rays boring set. But a few other teams have chosen to make a few minor changes.


The Blue Jays unveiled a new alternate and road jersey yesterday:




But wait that alternate is not just a blue top...


























...it's the whole damn uniform!




Here is the new road:




(If you look at the second picture again, the N in Toronto is upside down.)


They also changed the number font on the back and put the names in blue.






The Phillies unveiled a third jersey last week:







The Indians also made some slight modifications to their current look and added a new retro-style uniform:




The change to the current jerseys was just the elimination of the silver outlining you see on the sleeves in this pic:







The Royals will unveil their new baby blue top on Thursday.

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Those Toronto jerseys are old school, pretty much the same as some of their late 80's-early 90's unis except fopr teh blue pnats, which I'm not really a fan of.

Actually it's their road uni from 1980 through 1988. In 1989 they went back to grey road unis.


I myself think anything in the 70s triple-stripe font for Toronto is awesome.


Now if San Diego can just bring back the brown.

Or the Indians bring back the solid red. :mischief

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