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Geography Game


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What's your traveler IQ?


Mine is 122, that's the highest so far

504,372 points.

11 levels.

IQ 125.

First try.


And they say Americans don't know their Geography. :mischief


EDIT: 578,717 points, IQ 133 on second try.



Dammit someone beat me, I am going to try again then



Well a lot of Americans dont know Geography. I let me fiance and one of our friends play this (they both are lawyers) and they couldnt get out of level 2.

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dammit, why did I think Mali was in southeast asia...

You were confusing it with Bali, which is one of the Indonesian islands.


My big problems were totally-obscure places in the long nations of South America as well as Australia; and the relative positions of the Pacific island nations, which I did know but couldn't seem to reconcile on their map.


In the first try I also got a couple errors that I smacked myself in the head for later, like choosing Mali instead of Malawi, Djibouti instead of Burundi, and Bharain instead of Bhutan.

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