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Main Site Relaunched


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I've redone the main site almost completely. I basically demolished the old site and put together this new one.


Please let me know what you like and also what you don't like about the new look. It's still being polished as I see things that needed minor changes and I may have missed some spots or not thought of something.




I can take criticism so feel free to crtiicize. Thank you for your thoughts ahead of time.

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It's is a nice look, I like it. I'm sure there will be some things you personally feel need tweaking over the next few weeks, so it is always a work in progress

I can take criticism so feel free to crtiicize.

Your eyes are too close together :shifty

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just a small request. I was wondering if the MB would be willing to add a custom iphone touch icon so that you can have it right on the screen of your iphone. This link has how to do it. Much like the icon in the address bar type thing, but a touch icon for the iphone.


Something with the Marlin, or MB and the Marlins or the Marlin and the M.


Just an idea, I check the site all day and want to add it to my homescreen on my phone. Thanks :D

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