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Serving of Crow

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I'll eat my serving of crow.


I was a HUGE skeptic. It's gotta be the Lasik. Hendrickson was a dog in LA.


Consider me proven wrong.








The crow doesn't taste too bad. Could use a little salt though. :drool


Good to see someone fess up. Nothing at all wrong with saying you were wrong. I held out on Mark because of the LASIK. And I did like what I saw of him in ST. The hitting is a bit of a welcome surprise tho. Besides, I still have a half serving of crow being kept warm on the Andrew thing. BTW Try ketchup.

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I never liked him, nor did I like the deal...that's why I didn't respond to this thread when he was pitching well.

Fact is, I'd much rather have a young pitcher, and just send him somewhere else.

He's never been that good...and he has mediocre stuff.

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