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Marlins Celebrating After Win


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Here is a picture of the huge, disrespectful celebration that the Marlins dirtied Shea with.




Those monsters! THERE WERE KIDS THERE!





Seriously though, it was the same celebration every team does after every win. Met fans are just pissed.



Sons Of a Bitcha



thoose Barmins they Should Be Areested and Beatin by every Met fan In the Stadium that didnt leave Crying


The Count was 15

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they didn't even have the courtesy to form a perfect line for their celebrations. man, our team has no class.



I know right?

I thought they didn't show any class, either.


They should've gotten out of the dugout when Helms hit his HR, and they should've started dancing merengue (pointing at the opponent) like monkeys...err...Jose Reyes. Now, that's classy. :rolleyes: Speaking of that...where was Reyes' dancing yesterday? He couldn't even dance inside the dugout. What a shame.

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