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Moving to CA: Which Team Should I Root For?


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I'm moving to California (Central Valley) in a couple of months. I obviously will remain a #1 Fish fan but I would like to follow a California team as well. I'm slightly leaning towards the National League teams b/c I'm not a big DH fan (naturally). Give me some pro's and cons including players, managers, history, uniforms, whatever. Thanks.

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I'd go for either the Dodgers or Athletics.


Pros and cons for being a Dodgers fan:


Pros: Good team, nice uniforms, possibly this year's world series champion.


Cons: They play in the National League and have to play against the Marlins every year.


Pros and cons for being an A's fan:


Pros: They're basically the American League's version of the Marlins, they don't play the Marlins every year.


Cons: They're a pretty crappy team at the moment.

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Why? Because San Diego is a cool city and they've never won a championship, though have sustained a little bit of history. There have been some good players who have surfaced from San Diego: The obvious, Tony Gwynn, Trevor Hoffman, andDave Winfield come to mind. Even Ozzie Smith for a little bit (though was not nearly as good as he was with the Cardinals) There are many others, but those are just what I can come up with off the top of my head.


Bottom line: Becomming a fan of the Dodgers or Giants would be too easy. The Padres would be fun to follow because maybe you can witness their first world series title, which is always special to every organization.


Oh, not to mention...Petco Park is beautiful.

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OK, I think I've figured out what the fanbases are in most of the Central Valley...





Pros: Tons of history. Mays, McCovey, Marichial, other Ms. They also play in a fantastic ballpark and are part of one of the best rivalries in sports against the Dodgers. Plus, Bonds is gone. Plus, getting to watch Cain and Lincecum pitch 2 out of 5 days is awesome.


Cons: They suck. Not a particularly well run organization either.




Pros: Run by one of the smartest minds in baseball. You know you'll probably be getting the best out of every trade and will have the excitement of watching a good young team play and even contend.


Cons: Yellow on Green? Come on. Plus, you remember those good young players I mentioned? They WILL be gone in a few years. Every last one of them.

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If I were you...I'd choose the Angels.

Then again, that's not fair b/c I met half the team.


They didn't unzip their pants and compare their you-know-whats while you were meeting them, correct?





Hah. Good, 'cause that would have been....just a tad bit odd/disgusting

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None Be A Marlin Fan from Cali

but if you want to pick a team its most definatly the Dodger Blue

They have great fans they sell out games, a great city to be in, and DODGER DOGS are Great

But it all depends which part you live in.

A con is getting in and out dodger stadium takes about 30 mins each and on the highways is another 30

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I'm surprised the Dodgers are leading. Thank you. Very good thoughts.


I am going to be near Fresno. I might wait and see who the fans there go for and if they're ok fans. Living in New England, I had a hard time liking the RedSox cuz the fans are just nutty. I think it was the Curse having gone on so long. I could just follow Fresno State Bulldogs - 2008 CWS champs.


I am still going to be a Marlins fan above all else.


At first I thought about the Giants because I love their ball park and they have some great history but my two best friends are Giants fans so I'm not sure if I'm ready to jump on their bandwagon yet. Plus their FO is bad.


The Dodgers are an option because I've always been a Brooklyn Dodgers buff from a historical perspective. Cool understated uniforms. It's just their fans I'm not too fond of. Plus I don't like Vin Scully.


Angels .. too many name changes. Not an AL fan in general. Although I am a Howie Kendrick fan and my hero Nolan Ryan played for them so...


I loved the A's as a kid. I don't mind the uniforms. I kind of like the white shoes actually. They aren't too good right now but at least management understands the game. Again though, I really hate the DH .


As for the Padre's, if Greg Maddox was still there I would definitely root for them. I also like their pitcher friendly park. Other than that I'm kind of neutral on them.

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How do you just become a fan, of a team?

I think it takes much more than just living in a place.


For me, I love the Marlins because I live here...but also because I grew to love them, over time.

Now...I wouldn't think of rooting for a second team, regardless of whether or not I move. I think it'd be tough to do (choosing a 2nd team to root for).


I guess I'm just a "one-team" type of guy.

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