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HOF Ballot

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NEW YORK (AP)?Career steals leader Rickey Henderson heads 10 first-time candidates on this year?s Hall of Fame ballot, joining holdovers Mark McGwire and Jim Rice?eligible for the final time.


Other newcomers are Jay Bell, David Cone, Ron Gant, Mark Grace, Jesse Orosco, Dan Plesac, Greg Vaughn, Mo Vaughn and Matt Williams.


Just 23 players are on the ballot, the smallest group ever. Holdovers include Harold Baines, Bert Blyleven, Andre Dawson. Tommy John, Don Mattingly, Jack Morris, Dale Murphy, Dave Parker, Tim Raines, Lee Smith and Alan Trammell.


A 10-time All-Star who played from 1979-2003, Henderson holds the career records for steals (1,406) and runs (2,295), and his 2,190 walks are second to Barry Bonds? 2,558. Henderson also is first in caught stealing with 335.


Henderson played for nine teams, winning the 1990 AL MVP award with Oakland.


McGwire, eighth on the career home-run list with 583, has denied using illegal performance-enhancing substances but evaded questions when he appeared before a congressional committee, saying: ?I?m not here to talk about the past.?


He received 128 votes in the 2008 election from 10-year members of the Baseball Writers? Association of America?matching his total from 2007, when he was eligible for the first time. His percentage of 23.6 percent was well short of the 75 percent necessary for election.


Rice received 392 votes (72.2 percent) in 2008, 16 short of the 75 percent needed.


Reporters who have been in the BBWAA for 10 or more consecutive years are eligible to vote, and the totals will be announced Jan. 12. Inductions, which will include anyone elected by the Veterans Committee, are scheduled for July 26 at Cooperstown, N.Y. The Veterans Committee vote will be announced Dec. 8.


The complete ballot: Harold Baines, Jay Bell, Bert Blyleven, David Cone, Andre Dawson, Ron Gant, Mark Grace, Rickey Henderson, Tommy John, Don Mattingly, Mark McGwire, Jack Morris, Dale Murphy, Jesse Orosco, Dave Parker, Dan Plesac, Tim Raines, Jim Rice, Lee Smith, Alan Trammell, Greg Vaughn, Mo Vaughn, Matt Williams.



I hope McGwire,Sosa,and Bonds never get in...

I really hope Dawson,Morris,Smith,and Orosco get a fair shot...

Morris was awsome in the 80's and clutch in post season...

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With the inclusion of relievers in recent years I would like to see Lee Smith get some serious consideration for election. Also think that players like Dale Murphy and Andre Dawson are deserving, maybe even Rice and Parker to lesser degree, they both dominated for about a 3 year stretch. It will be interesting to see if players like Blyleven, John and Orosco are rewarded for longevity they haven't in past and little should change. Rickey is a definite first ballot player, with all the hits, walks and stolen bases. As for McGwire in a few more years when other players fess up to their usage or otherwise outed as steriod, HGH or other performance enhancers, I think will get into the HOF.

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I know he cheated, but McGuire should get in. He saved baseball.



Well when sosa comes up do you also think he should get in? If Big mac gets in then you know that if bonds doesnt get in people will be screaming that the voters are racist. Personally i think bonds should get in.

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Jim Rice is not a HOFer.

Different era, no steroids! Yes Jim Rice is absolutely a HOFer, at least should be anyway. the only reason he is not in is because he wasn't very popular with the press. He was very quiet and very private during his career and he paid the price for that with the writers who vote for induction. He was much better player than Andre Dawson who hasn't gotten in but was a favorate of the baseball writers

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Morris over Blyleven is ridiculous... if Morris gets in before Blyleven, I will commit acts of anger

I actually felt Morris was more dominant, his problem was the longevity of his dominance. It's almost a Koufax vs Sutton argument. The difference lies that Koufax left the game abruptly due to health and Morris experienced a rapid erosion of his abilities. Blyleven maintained a steadiness in performance throughout his career

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