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Huh? Is this a smokescreen?


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Logan Morrison was back in left field for Triple A New Orleans on Friday, continuing to fuel speculation that the Marlins could be grooming him for that position if either Cantu or Dan Uggla is traded and Chris Coghlan moves to the infield. But there has been no outward indication at the major-league level that such a move is imminent.


Coghlan said he has not taken any ground balls in the infield since the start of spring training. For that matter, Coghlan doesn't even own an infielder's glove, adding that he gave away the ones he used in the minors after converting to the outfield.


As for making another transition, Coghlan said: ``I think it's easier going from the infield to the outfield than it is the other way.''



So, is Clark Spencer playing word games with quotes? I seem to recall some comments here (IIRC, by 2003) about Coghlan taking practice ground balls, at both 2B and 3B during both BP and FP. I assumed that whoever made the comment made it because he had seen it happen on the field.


Saying that Coghlan hasn't taken any ground balls in the infield since ST is certainly right if what you really mean is during any actual game. Which he hasn't. And when did Coghlan say this? It could have been April 6th, but Spencer doesn't say.


That Coghlan might not currently own an infielder's glove is a problem that can be remedied in less than 5 minutes.


What's really going on here?

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You have it backwards if I read your post correctly at least as it pertains to me.


I've been virtually the sole voice saying Coghlan won't be playing third any time soon much to the consternation and ridicule of the MB.com intelligentsia who know everything about everything. I checked with two sources close to the team and they said the same thing, to the best of their knowledge Coghlan had NOT been taking infield practice this season but the experts here and some teenager swore they had seen him doing it so I was wrong they said and they were right. You know how that works. One even swore he saw video of it on a Marlins pre-game. Talk about the mind playing tricks on you...lol...but I digress. Their contention is I don't know what I'm talking about and Cogs could slide into third and anything but that is pure folly. (I had a dog named Folly once. Great dog...)


What I did say was I know Gaby used to take infield practice at third and even second on occasion (back in the day when Fredi was the man with the fungo) but I was supposedly wrong about that too. What I still think they saw was Brett Carroll, in a heroic effort to get Fredi to notice him started taking IP at third in hopes the manager would ease up and not run him out of town, but those efforts were fruitless.


Next comes a litany of experts here who will proclaim Coghlan and Spencer liars and as you put it, it's all a smokescreen. Of course you can't hide anything from advance men and scouts nevermind the media who have access to the field from the beginning of practice on. No matter. That's how it works here at MB. Because being wrong is not an option for them.


Hope that clears things up for you.

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Also I just watched inside the Marlins: Chris Coghlan and it showed him this pasty offseason taking groundballs back at Ole Miss and taking grounders in spring training... He definitely does own an infield glove.




So either


A) he must own an infield glove because he took some grounders this past off-season on a college ballfield, or in the alternative someone was not able to identify what kind of glove he was using or even he used someone else's glove. There must be a conspiracy afoot. Hmmm.....


B) he was telling the truth when he said he hadn't taken infield practice since the beginning of spring training (infield glove not required)


C) Ole Miss is now part of the Major Leagues


D) a noted reporter is a liar and made up some very specific quotes for some unknown reason to, I would guess, throw the world off what the Marlins real plans are for Coghlan and at the same time in jeopardize his career and reputation in the process. Must be those new meds he's on.


E) Coghlan is a liar and lied to the reporter, perhaps because it's God's will


F) some people can't admit maybe they were wrong about how easily Cogs, and what the liklihood was, he could slide into the 3B slot this summer


G) There's an alien mothership 2,000ft below an Arctic ice cap controlling Chris Coghlan, who as it turns out, is the evil seed sent here to rule the world with Bud Selig sitting at his right hand


...very tough choices, maybe we need a poll.

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