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4/21 Marlins @ Nationals 1:05 PM


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This is the official Marlinsbaseball.com game thread of the game between the Miami Marlins at the Washington Nationals on April 21st, 2012, beginning at 1:05* pm.


Miami Marlins

SS Reyes

2B Bonifacio

3B Ramirez

LF Morrison

1B G. Sanchez

RF Greg Dobbs

C John Buck

CF Chris Coghlan

Anibal Sanchez P

Washington Nationals

SS Desmond

2B Espinosa

3B Zimmerman

1B Tracy

RF Werth

CF Ankiel

LF Nady

C Ramos

Stephen Strasburg P

*time subject to change due to potential inclement weather

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Marlins Lineup vs Strasburg:


Reyes: Never Faced

Bonifacio: 0-5 2 K

Ramirez: 3-5 2 2B 1 K 1 BB

Morrison: 1-5 1 K 2 BB

Sanchez: 2-9 2 K 1 BB 1 2B 1 RBI

Dobbs: 0-2 2 K

Buck: 2-2

Coghlan: 0-3

Anibal: 0-2 2K


Nationals Lineup vs Sanchez:


Desmond: 5-19 3K 2BB 2 RBI 2 2B

Espinosa: 0-10 4K 1BB 1HBP

Zimmerman: 10-39 6K 5BB 1HR 1 2B 2RBI

Tracy: 0-6 2K

Werth: 4-27 18K 1BB 2 2B

Ankiel: 4-10 2K 1BB 3RBI

Nady: 1-4

Ramos: 4-10 1K 2BB 1 RBI

Strasburg: 0-1 1K

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I dont think theres another broadcaster I hate more the FP Santiangelo or whatver his name is, the Nats color guy.





I can't figure out what it is I don't like about them. Ive only heard them do a couple games and was like who the hell are these guys.

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