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Scott Cousins


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How come he hasn't been called up? Is he injured or did they lose confidence in him?



Bring him up this series. If he gets At bats I would be surprised if San Fran didn't throw at him.


In seriousness though, what's his numbers this year. How's he doing in AAA.

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Cousins isn't dong too bad and he's definitely a better option than that f***ing schmuck and his handlebar.


Whoa whoa whoa, hey now ...

Mattison was in the AFL this past off-season, he's got slight upside!


Or maybe not.

As Brad Pitt portraying Billy Beane said, "26 in AA? No thanks." [i know he's in AAA, but still]


But yeah, Cousins ain't doing horrible in AAA. Would definitely be an option, at any rate.

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.279 BA, 5 HR, 23 RBI


OPS of .810


Those are better numbers than what Coghlan, Peterson, and Mattison have produced



Those numbers are wrong. http://www.milb.com/...n=true&sid=t588

Those stats aren't updated, methinks.


EDIT - yup. Cousins is 3-4 tonight with a double, a homer, 2 RBI. Those stats are indeed correct. [From marlins2219]


Then that's even better for us.

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why does everyone think just because someone does good in AAA that they will produce the same numbers in the majors


True..the numbers do not directly translate.

If I was a betting man though, I would bet that the guy that has better stats in AAA is going to have better stats in MLB, as opposed to the guy that sucked in AAA.

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