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The Good from Opening Day


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I did not get to watch the game on my DVR until this morning. While the lack of offense was disturbing...there were a few positive signs overall.


We saw "Good Ricky"....hopefully we get "Good Ricky" most of the time every 5 days. The bullpen was also solid.


JP had really good at bats and will be the strongest leadoff hitter we've had since...well...JP.


No errors...and I like Kotchman's D at first base....might save a few runs.


Won't be facing Strasberg every day!

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I just liked the fact that these guys weren't striking out every other at bat. Putting the ball in play, making contact, giving themselves a chance. That's the only way we can be successful offensively this year and it looks like they can play effective small ball.

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The lineup is filled with guys that hit for average and will put the ball in play. A lot of professional hitters on the team. I don't really see us getting shutout a ton, however, I don't see the team driving in a lot of runs either.


We could be a lot more professional if we re-signed Wes Helms.

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It is a bit silly to overreact based on just one game, especially Opening Day against a pitching phenom. It's not like the Nats looked THAT much better than us. For being a team that has been picked to win the WS, they sure didn't hit that well either. Take away those two hanging curves to Harper and the game would still be tied.

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