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Cliff Lee looking for 1 year deal


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  • Cliff Lee is looking for a one-year Major League contract and his main goal is to sign with a winning team, according to Heyman (via Twitter).  Lee’s upside is strong enough that Heyman predicts Lee “probably gets more than you’d think” in his next salary, despite his missing all of 2015.

Count us out, we don't win enough lol.


It really does make it less likely yeah



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In actuality in wouldn't be a bad idea to come here initially. Here's why; he can take decent contract, perform in a low pressure environment (like @CYmarlins said, he knows this division)and get his numbers as a decent level and right around the trade deadline make a move to competing team that you know for sure has a legitimate chance of competing. Because of that, I wouldn't count us out completely and there's benefits to both sides here. 



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