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Tips for my 2016 Wrigley trip

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So I'm going to wrigley for the Aug 1-3 series and likely stopping in West Tennessee on the way back (driving) for a Suns game. Plans may also include kauffman.


My question is outside of the obvious which are Sears Tower, the pier, Harry Carry's, and White Castle does anyone have any must see places?


Also does anyone know of any affordable hotels (70 and under) around the suburbs that are decent?





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Forget the suburbs.. stay down town. Whenever my friends and I would go on group trips, we would stay at this little tiny hotel called Ohio House. It's the size of a shoebox but who cares, you're in downtown Chicago.. it's clean, smack dab downtown, has free parking and is only like $100. Next door to some great bars and a block away from Gino's East River North. Been a few years since I've stayed there so prices probably went up but am guessing still extremely cheap for downtown. 


Most of my time now is spent in the Logan Square and Bucktown neighborhoods.. awesome area. If you're in that area, let me know and I can give you some recommendations. 



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