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You forgot Looper fell apart and Urbina took over.


Though technically Willis wouldn't be there and instead Redmond would. And probably Encarnacion in the OF, though to the best of my memory Conine was swapping with LF and 1B and thereby did play almost every game.


I did. Don't remember exactly how they managed Conine. I think Conine and Cabrera swapped more in LF than Encarnacion. If my memory holds.



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[uSER=2328]@SilverBullet1929[/uSER] I mean Nolasco is the all time leader in wins..... and losses. I feel like it is fitting. 


Fair point but much of that is just because he was here longer than others. I wouldn't choose Nolasco to start a game over Kevin Brown. And if I was asked who was a better pitch in his time as a Marlin I wouldn't say "Nolasco because he has the most wins." 



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