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Jeter’s business model has payrolls well below MLB average, then a big jump in 2021


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Yeah it feels to me like they are staking the future of the team on a TV contract, which at this point I'm not sure why anyone would want to pay much for it. The Dodgers have had issues with their vaunted TV deal, so it's probably not going to be the savior they think it will be.



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I feel like even sponsorship and advertising might not even be as lucrative as they are expecting it to be. There just isn't enough local interest in the team, especially when it's losing.


They almost appear to be making the some mistakes we saw with Samson and Loria. Why weren't they ever able to secure stadium naming rights?


which kinda makes gutting the roster stupider.  


Shouldnt you at least be keeping interest up as high as you can if you are hoping to sell someone on a tv contract?


Why would Fox then have wanted to bid such a higher amount for a product nobody would give a fuck about?



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