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Matt Harvey DFA


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What has he done recently?  Syndergaard had a douchey comment last year, but I hadn't really heard anything bad about Harvey.


Went out partying in LA before a game he had to pitch in San Francisco [at least I believe he was starting the next day], whined about the demotion to the bullpen, absolutely refuses a demotion to the minor leagues and is now forcing the Mets to release or trade him. I personally hope he's released and nobody picks him up.



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There’s a “funny” story about Harvey: With him struggling on the mound but a day off coming, he once asked Terry Collins to stay behind for a night in Miami, and when he rejoined the team the next day he bragged in the clubhouse nonstop about his exploits the night before with some beautiful woman. Well, one veteran Met, tiring of his lack of focus and his emphasis on extracurricular, shot across the clubhouse, saying something to the effect of: “That’s great Matt, but has she seen you pitch?”





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