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I can understand why the Loria regime might have resisted putting Chen under the knife. That is, they were incompetent assholes overall and thought that the Marlins were much closer to competition than they really were after Jose died.


Of course they were obviously wrong to think that Chen could pitch somewhat decently on a busted arm, but for the life of me I can't I understand why Jeter is resisting letting him have the surgery. The team is obviously not competing this year. Why not just let him get surgery, collect the insurance money, and hope that he can come back and pitch somewhat decently at the end of his contract. At that point maybe the Marlins would either be more competitive or a team might take on a little bit of that contract if Chen seems healthy enough.


There is no reason why Chen should not have gotten surgery on the first day that Jeter took over. Add this to the list of the super moronic things that he and Hill have done so far.


you're aware they cant force him to get the surgery, right?  if he wanted to continue to try and rehab it rather than have a second TJ surgery they cant make him do that nor did the marlins have a recourse if he decided to do that unless he wasnt doing it in good faith, which he is no matter how annoying it is that he wont get the surgery.  pretty absurd to try to blame them for this too.



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