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I saw the midnight show Tuesday night.... got a whole 3 hours of sleep after that!


Terrific movie overall, good acting, great effects, there are some absolutely amazing battle scenes. There is an attack on a mountain city that is just sick.


man was that loooong though. the ending took forever.


awesome stuff though. :thumbup

Trying to figure out how I'd rank the 3 movies... this one had some of the best stuff yet, but also had some parts I'd have left out.


I think I'd rate them:


1. Return of the King

2. Fellowship of the Ring

3. Two Towers

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jackson said he hated that part.....



there were some quirky things throughout that i wish had been included and others that I didnt feel were necessary.



but it has been about 8 years since i read the trilogy, so some of the finer details I forget these days....



still the hobbits were a lot stonger than they were portrayed, glad to see them starting to be shown as strong characters toward the end, well except for frodo.

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GRADE: **** out of 4


PLOT SUMMARY: It is a time of war and destiny as the forces of Sauron prepare a final assault to conquer Middle-Earth. Frodo and Sam must fulfill their quest to destroy Sauron's ring in the fires of Mt. Doom while being manipulated by their treacherous guide Gollum. Aragorn must unite the armies of Gondor (and even an Army of the Dead) to fend off Sauron and then assume his title of King. Legolas the Elf and Gimli the Dwarf must assist Aragorn in his quest. Gandalf in turn must rally the armies of Men until Aragorn returns from his task. Merry and Pippen the Hobbits show their courage on the battlefield at Minas Tirith. The battles hinge on whether the armies of Men can hold off the assault to give Frodo time to destroy the ring.


Critique: WOW!!! There are scenes that are just jaw dropping in this epic movie. Peter Jackson should receive a Lifetime Acheivement Award for pulling off this trilogy. George Lucas should be taking notes from these films (using CGI and special effects only to enhance the story not be the sole purpose for making the movie). LOTR kicks Star Wars' a**. Peter Jackson and his team did an outstanding job trying to balance all the characters in this film. It is no longer just about the characters from the Fellowship, it is now about every main character introduced in Fellowship AND Two Towers (Faramir, King Theodin and Denethor Steward of Gondor, Eowyn, etc.). So it may seem like some charcters dont show up for long periods in the film, but there are a lot more chatacters to juggle now. The battle at Minas Tirith and Aragorn's arrival with the Army of the Dead are just incredible. The acting is top notch and should provide a few Oscar nominations. There is also a new enemy character that may give you a laugh at first (It reminded me of Sloth from the Goonies!). AND....for those who are curious, Shelob the spider does not disappoint...


Many thought the ending went on too long. I disagree. Jackson to his credit stayed truthful to the book. Half of the novel to Return of the King is about what happens after Sauron is defeated. I for one was not disappointed that Jackson refused to film the last few chapters of the book. I refer to the return of Saruman (now powerless) who takes over the Shire as a person known as Sharkey. The Hobbits (Especially Pippen and Merry bulked up from drinking the Ent-Wash (See Extended Two Towers DVD version)) kick butt and take out Saruman/Sharkey and his followers. This would have been another 20-30 minutes to tell and really would have made the ending seem too long. There will be a scene in the extended Return of the King DVD next year showing Grima Wormtongue disposing of Saruman as well as a scene in the Houses Of Healing between Eowyn and Faramir. You might have noticed them standing together during Aragorn's coronation (they hit it off so Eowyn isnt totally out of luck losing Aragorn to Elf-PRincess Arwen).


Each movie just seemed to get better. I gave Fellowship *** stars and gave Two Towers *** (I later upped it to ***1/2 even tho I felt Two Towers was disjointed from all the flashbacks and fantasy sequences but Gollum made up for that). Return of the King makes for a grand finale to a fantastic trilogy. Go see it and then if you haven't before, read all 3 books, you'll get more from it.

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i saw it on sunday and it was amazing. everybody in the theatre was cheering and laughing throughout the movie. Great battle scenes and just enough humor. However, the ending was a little long for me. Everybody in the theatre was stretching and leaving even before they showed the hobbits in Rivendell to say goodbye to Frodo. Two Thumbs up!!!! :thumbup :thumbup

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While you may think some things that were neccessary were left out, and other trivial things were left in the movies, you have to be happy that Peter Jackson directed them, because I doubt another director would have kept the true spirit of the books as closely as Jackson did.


Wow, that was one long sentence!

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