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How much water do you drink a day?

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17 minutes ago, SonOfJack said:

Wtf does age have to do with putting milk in your coffee? Black coffee tastes like shit at any age.


27 minutes ago, Michael said:

Please say (black) next time, we don't want to have any confusion.

Refer to this message.

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7 minutes ago, Iowa said:

Three things

*Coffee should be black. You're a grown ass adult

*Milk goes with everything. God bless it

*Why is it so hard for me to drink water? Perpetually dehydrated my entire life 

Ehh, not sure about this. Coffee shouldn't be overly sweet but a little sugar and some cream or milk or other flavor is pretty normal and doesn't seem very non-adult. Weird thing to call childish. 

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I drink about a gallon of water a day. I don’t drink anything but water so it adds up. Only thing I’ll drink other than water is a cup of black coffee while fasting before my morning workout. 

and to add to the sub-topic that has come up, black is the way to go with coffee. When you add sugar and milk/creamer to coffee you’re not really drinking coffee anymore, it’s something else. A drink with a coffee base, but not “coffee” per se. Example, water is water, but once you add sugar and lemon it’s lemonade which is a whole different drink. Same applies to coffee in my mind.

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I totally understand that many people drink their coffee black but to act like the people who add some sugar or cream or milk or whatever in their coffee are the weirdos is preposterous.

This would be like saying that eating pizza without cheese is the right way to do it and anyone who doesn't isn't actually eating pizza.


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2 minutes ago, SilverBullet said:

Next thing are y'all gonna tell me I shouldn't still be taking a chocolate pudding cup in my lunch box to work?

That's fine but if you add whipped cream to it, you're done.

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