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Taxi Squad Updates (Big)


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So in case anyone missed the explanation for this...

Being a playoff contender, starting today the Marlins must now begin a quarantine/bubble protocol and their taxi squad can now include up to 12 players so that those 12 plus their active 28 will be their 40-man playoff roster. The entire 40 man playoff roster must start the quarantine protocols today so that's why the taxi squad grew so much this week. In a sense it's no longer the taxi squad, it's now the playoff roster and it can't be changed anymore because any additions wouldn't have been quarantined.

The Marlins added 11 to the group on Monday but the 12th is expected to be added today and that would be Sean Rodriguez, as they had to wait for him to clear waivers, which he did. The Marlins put many prospects and guys who haven't even made their MLB debuts on the roster because it's kinda just who they had available but don't expect many to make the active playoff roster unless it's an emergency of course... except for Edward Cabrera who could make the cut almost like a secret weapon out of the bullpen. Frisaro says that Jeter wanted a lot of the prospects on the playoff roster to experience the postseason atmosphere even if they never get activated.

Added to the roster were: Cabrera, Garrett, Castano. Holloway, Vesia, Devers, Lewin Diaz, Jesus Sanchez, Sierra, Lavarnway, and Navaretto... as stated above Sean Rodriguez is likely to be added today.

At a quick glance, "notable" omissions were Max Meyer, Eddy Alvarez, Dugger, Yamamoto, Bleday, Tarpley, Eleiser, Isan Diaz, Forsythe, Harold Ramirez... none of those guys can be added to the roster even if the Marlins make it deep into the playoffs.




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