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4/18 Giants vs Marlins - 1:10 pm


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4 minutes ago, SirFishFan said:

I would trade Pablo, Wallach and Bleier for Alex Wood and a good Catching prospect in their organization.

Alex Wood lives in Miami in the offseason so he probably wouldn’t mind that much, the Giants have a catcher named Joey Bart who is the number 2 prospect in their organization, but he’s pretty much ready for the big leagues, and it would take a lot more than Pablo, Wallach and Bleier/Bender to make that trade.

They also have another catcher who was their first round pick in 2020 named Patrick Bailey who is a switch hitting catcher with 20-25 HR potential and supposed to be excellent defensively. He’s a couple of years away from the bigs at least, but I would do this trade, Pablo, Brinson, Bleier for Alex Wood and Patrick Bailey. 😂

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