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Which restaurant has the best bread?


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Just now, SilverBullet said:

Only eaten there once many years ago and have zero memory of their bread.

Same here, but I've seen comments about it. Though I may have dreamt that up.

Yes, I dream of restaurants and bread.

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5 minutes ago, SonOfJack said:

Another similar question. Do you try and only have a little bread to save room for the meal or do you wipe that tray out?

Only a little, sometimes none at all and I learned that because of my dad who wipes out the bread tray and then asks for a second one and wipes out that tray then his entree comes and he can never finish it. If I'm hungry and my entree is something heavy that I really wanna make sure I eat I stay away from breads and other appetizers. To each their own but I'm stumped by how many people don't get this. I do it with other people around and I'm often questioned what's wrong with me for not stuffing my face then the entrees come and people are stunned that I actually finished my food.

Your body has a bit of a time limit from when you first start eating to your brain giving you that "I'm full" feeling. Especially in places where there is a longer wait between the first food items and your entree, it's super easy to screw up this time limit and all you end up eating is a salad and a couple pieces of bread.

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37 minutes ago, SilverBullet said:

Thinking about this again, the uniqueness of Red Lobster's biscuits might vault them above every other contender.

I haven't eaten there in years because their food is ass and insanely overpriced for microwaved trash. But yeah their biscuits (although much smaller than the original ones) were still good.  Olive Garden's bread sticks are awful now and have been for a decade plus. Tx Roadhouse has really good bread - so soft and with a slight hint of sweetness.

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2 hours ago, Das Texan said:

You can buy or you could buy the mix for the biscuits from Red Lobster I THINK at Costco.


Olive Garden has improved all their stuff in the last few years, seriously not as much ass as it was a decade ago.

I've end up going a few times a year thanks to elderly family members who think it's a quality meal. I stand 100% by what I've said.

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