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Marlins sign Damion Easley

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from ESPN.com:


  Season  TM  G  AB   R   H  2B  3B  HR RBI  BB  SO  SB  CS  AVG  OBP  SLG OPS1992Ana4715114395011282695.258.307.311.618





























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In particular, the Marlins are looking for bullpen and backup position help. They recently signed Damion Easley, 34, who had three consecutive years of 20 or more home runs with the Detroit Tigers in the late 1990s, to a minor-league contract. :thumbup


Easley is on the downswing after fizzling with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays last season, and he would be considered as nothing more than a backup utility infielder who could take the place of Andy Fox. :thumbup

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I don't think this is a bad move. It's a no-lose situation- if he doesn't make the team, he goes to AAA and we have insurance if someone gets injured. If he DOES make the team, he'll be a decent backup infielder to team with Mordecai.

Exactly. If you look at it as a replacement for Andy Fox, then this is a huge improvement talent wise. Fox will never put up the numbers that Easley did. I am a little concerned at his production dropoff since 2000. Methinks injury has something to do with it...

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During his prime years, I remember watching something about him on TWIB or something. Apparently, he was seeing a hypnotist that would help him relax while he played. Once he started seeing this guy, his career took off. I'm not sure if he stopped seeing him towards the beginning of his decline or something, but evidently he plays his best ball while under hypnosis...Anybody know a good hypnotist??

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