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  1. Rojas swings at ball three and grounds out. Fucking god
  2. Another fucking stupid at bat. How can you take that pitch?
  3. Hitters coming up doesn't inspire confidence....
  4. Stanton do something god dammit. Put this team on your back and go....never mind, another pathetic at bat. Here comes Ozuna to no doubt have a terrible at bat.
  5. Brice >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Punch to the testicles >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Andrew Cashner
  6. Hechavarria has had better at bats than Stanton
  7. Automatic outs....nothing will come of this inning
  8. Yeah you rarely have to even throw strikes to get the Marlins hitters out.
  9. Stanton is definitely not worth 300+ million. What a massively disappointing year.
  10. In all seriousness, Mike Hill wont be fired because this team is in play off contention despite all of his terrible decisions.
  11. The Marlins have been bad since the all star break. It's not the free fall that comes ever year, but make no mistake, they are trending downward.
  12. Man this team cannot do anything lately on offense.
  13. Chris Johnson with the useless out
  14. Cashner gives the run back already.
  15. Cashner you fucking piece of garbage.
  16. I'm tired of this stupid first base platoon. Rojas sucks. Johnson sucks. Just play Dietrich already.
  17. Dear Andrew Cashner: Get the fuck out.
  18. No runs scored since the first inning of Tuesday's game....
  19. Chris Johnson is worthless STOP PUTTING HIM IN GAMES.
  20. How about defensive substitution for Dee Gordon instead of guys who actually aren't terrible?
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