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  1. The Marlins certainly overperformed this year with a bad rotation. They are probably stuck with Chen as well and will hope he turns things around which won't happen.
  2. Screw A-Rod and sign Tebow. This team needs Jesus.
  3. Wait wait wait...ANDINO is back?? LOL
  4. The Marlins only have 60 wins because the National League is utter garbage outside of a few teams.
  5. Dietrich is way better offensively. True he went through some struggles recently but Rojas is absolute shit.
  6. Never mind, this would be a perfect way for the Marlins to lose.
  7. The game will go to extra innings just to prove how fucking stupid Mattingly is for taking out Dietrich and putting in border line major leaguer Rojas.
  8. Taking out Dietrich for Rojas again. I really hate this move.
  9. Seriously fuck Ozuna. Bench his ass for Ichiro for a few days.
  10. Obviously I'd love for the Fish to make the playoffs, but they aren't in the same league as the division leaders. In fact every team chasing the second wild card is very mediocre to bad. Right now it seems like someone is going to win the second wild card simply because someone has to.
  11. Cashner can take his facial hair, shove it up his ass, and get the fuck out.
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