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Marlins Pitching


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You've got to love it.


Oliver was very effective. Didn't blow people away, but was tough to hit consistently.


Fox and Benitez were.....well just superb once again. If this keeps up we are going to be tough to come back on all season.


A great start to the season.....and very encouraging. :thumbup

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Starters have been great. i am still worried about the depth of our relief. Adding a guy like mota could complete this staff.


It is funny that choi and benitez were the most talked about additions and once again it appears beinfest has come through

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wouldnt exactly call it a fluke, but we did get very lucky with 3 bombs to left these past 2 games.


if the scoreboard were a few feet shorter we'd be 2-3 right now... and pavs' and oliver's ERAs would be a helluva lot higher


Good point on the ERAs. We have to wait till the team completes a road trip and lets not forget dreaded Colorado is coming up. The team tends to go on a downslide after that place.



Though in terms of record alkazoid, you also have to concede that some of our bombs have fallen short at pro-player also.

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This is just sick. Through one turn of the rotation, check out these ERAs for the whole staff:


Willis 0.00

Phelps 0.00

Bump 0.00

Perisho 0.00

Beckett 1.29

Benitez 2.25

Oliver 2.57

Fox 3.00

Penny 3.86

Pavano 4.05


TEAM 2.20

WOW...Look at all those 0's!!!!!!

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