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Best game ever attended (long)

Guest FishFanInPA

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Guest FishFanInPA

Well fellas lemme preface this by saying I had so much marlins things to say at the game but had no one to tell them to so im venting here. Most of you may read this and not care but I had to say it.


Got there wicked early and got my second Batting Practice ball, this time courtesy of the big man himself, Mr. Wayne. This time my section was dead leftfield.....where Lowell's, Cordero's and Thome's HR's all went so if you look hard enough you can see me in my red hooded sweatshirt. Not a single Marlins fan in sight and an awful lot of drunks...


Early on...I was pumped for Lowell's HR and the constant men left on base by the Phillies. With them, you worry when Thome and Burrell are up....that's them....By the way, Pat Burrell's song is that stinkin Nickelback song "Someday." Makes me wanna hold hands with the person next to me although i don't know where they've been


Then Carl blew up and I got pissed. To me Carl's stuff is so ordinary and he was just gettin crushed. I also said to myself that old saying that you leave em loaded the inning before your gonna get crushed and that they did. Thome's HR killed me...I pondered leaving but I said this is the Marlins and we always come back and sure enough we did


Is it just me or is Roberto Hernandez like Jose Mesa and don't we own Tim Worrell already? Moving on....Lead is ours again after the mongrels throw the homers back. I was five rows away from the Cordero HR.


Can I just credit Phelps/Perisho/Bump/Wayne too tonight because they did yeoman's work for the Fish. Phelps owns Thome and Perisho did give up a hit but has been solid all year and Bump pitched great. So Fox is mowin em down and the place is silent until Ledee cracks one and the kid next to me says "you know your gonna lose right?" I said "heck no, we're the Marlins we never back down."


Then....and this is one of the best things i've ever been apart of as a fan....the music starts to blare Enter Sandman, the doors open and Wagner comes walkin out till he hits the outfield grass and sprints all the way to the ball. I hate the Phillies but I got chills during it. They didnt sit down either until after the Lowell bomb. They also jokingly booed every fastball under 100 m.p.h. After Lowell's shot, the place was dead silent except for my yells....I never had so much beer poured on me ever.


The nerves just begun though as Mando comes in and as I mentioned before, i dont care how perfect he is, i will always be nervous especially with Thome and Burrell there. He puts them down and im ecstatic. Although the "ground-rule double" which also was at my side of the field stopped my heart a bit. The fans got on Conine so much then...chanting his name and calling all sorts of foul language. I would say about 200 people joined in.


Then Peanut was fundamentally sound and the game ended. These fans were shell shocked and I ran to my car before they realized who i was. On the car ride home, they were talking about us on the level of the Dallas Cowboys and the LA Lakers as rivals and potentially hated teams in this city.


I must say though there was a lot of respect being thrown around which you guys may expect but in this city is hard to get as an opposing team. The callers were touting Pierre and Cabrera.


Overall...I'm still concerned about our 7-8-9 hitters as they did relatively nothing tonight and im still concerned about our long stretches of no hits. Conine's back hopefully and maybe Pierre is too.


I know you all may not read this or may think i'm stupid but I had to say it all and would love some reactions.

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I think we heard all your yells, dude. I am not kidding. LMAO :p

Where were you sitting? We saw someone wearing a black Marlins shirt on TV for a split second but since you were wearing red, then maybe it was someone you were with?


Glad you had fun though! Nice to see those Phillies get owned. :)

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yea grow a set


I wore my Burnett jersey to Wrigley, you need to wear TEAL baby!

Last year I went to Shea and was wearing my Marlin jersey and hat. The fans were talking crap before and after the game, because we ended up losing due to Nunez giving up a late homer to Tony Clark, I just wish I was there in October to see what they would have said to me.

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Thanks for the great account of last night's game! I gotta disagree with you on one point, though:


Carl's stuff is so ordinary


Pavano did have one bad inning last night, but, to me, Pavano is probably the most underrated pitcher in this line-up. Sure, he doesn't blow batters away. But he can work the corners and can place a pitch like ... well, the only comparison in my mind is Maddox in his prime. Just watching him through the first 5 innings was incredible. How many tight spots did he pitch himself out of? And don't you remember how he owned the Yankees in Game 4 only to have Urbina come in and blow the save? Pavano is anything but ordinary.

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Damn, if my work schedule wouldn't have been messed up this week, I would have been to last night's game...I was so PO'ed that I had to work late last night, I wouldn't have gotten to the game until at least 9PM, had I known it would have been a long game I probably would have tried... :mischief

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